The Bulbs are Up

Last night as I was blogging, my dog went to the front window and started her low growl. I ignored her, as she likes to protect me from air when my husband's away. I shushed her and kept right on blogging. I didn't even bother to get up and look out the's never anything. She just gets nervous and wants someone to join her in her uneasiness.
Later, after clicking "Publish" I got up from the kitchen chair and headed to the bedroom. As I moved I saw a reflection in the big livingroom window. I moved my arm to see what was reflecting off me, but it didn't move. I went toward the window and looked outside in the dark front yard.
And there they were peeking up out of the snow! My two solar powered lawn lights who haven't seen the sun for months! One was flickering brightly like a big candle flame. And the other was burning steadily but with a more subdued light owing to the fact that it had about a half inch thick snow lampshade over it still. They had gotten enough sunlight through that snow during the day to make a beautiful white mound of light in the yard.
Yes, it is definitely the beginning of the middle of the end of winter.


  1. This past week I have noticed mine also. The last two days have been really gray...don't expect any light from them today. Love your last line..."the beginning of the miidle of the end".

  2. Oh this makes me laugh! My favorite line:
    Yes, it is definitely the beginning of the middle of the end of winter.

    I live in Northern Vermont and thought surely this was going to be about tulips or some other spring bulb, and I would read it and be slightly jealous of your good weather. But ha! What a twist! I love it!

  3. The dog didn't know what to make of the strange light in the yard...something she hasn't seen in months, I bet!

    Great post. I can definitely identify with the last line: "the beginning of the middle of the end of winter."

    I know that feeling well!

  4. "Protecting me from air." Aren't dogs great? Yes, we can see the well top again! That's how I measure snow!!!


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