Broken Class

Ah, back from vacation yesterday sporting an air cast on my right foot and a neck collar...on my neck.  Nothing spectacularly wrong.  Just old injuries most likely or old age setting in to let me know what my new limitations are going to be.
Two students have broken "write arms" as they return to class.  One is hesitant to come in the room.  Tearily and tentatively a little voice says, "You remember that I broke my wrist, right?"
"Yes, I do," I reply.  "Come on in!  Remember D is back today with a broken arm, and my right arm isn't doing too well either.  We're all broken in here!  And we're all just going to do the best that we can!"
Tears are gone.  And we all do the best that we can that day.

So successful, evidently, was our day that one little girl came in this morning and told me that she prayed last night that she would break her arm, too, so she could have a cast like the other kids!
Oh, dear.  Why don't they pray to be wonderful readers?

What if we could see inside of each child, locate the broken parts and apply the needed casts to them? 
We could have new acronyms.
Instead of an IEP, we'd have an IEC: Individualized Education Cast.  
We'd forget the concern of leaving a child behind with our new NCWC Act: No Child Without a Cast, or  the NCCA Act: No Child Cast Aside.
No child would be without a "supporting cast" of caring adults.
And as hurts healed and knowledge knitted, and the cast was cast off in its time, a whole, happy, healthy being would emerge!

Where do we get that x-ray machine?  Where's Superman when you need him?


  1. I love the line, "We're all broken here!"

    If only we could see those things that are broken inside and remember that!


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