Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family and Friends

Some days you just know will be remembered.
Today was such a day. We planned it way back in December.  Today seven women went to Riverdance together: three mothers and their four grown daughters. My own daughter come up from Pennsylvania to attend.  I had forgotten that her cousins, didn't know she was pregnant!  What a great look on their faces as they realized she was expecting.  If we had only done that, it would have been worth the price of the tickets!
The show was extraordinary!  What energy!  The music was toe tappable, and the dancing...well, I was envious... I have this dumb air cast on, so even if they'd asked me to fill in for someone, I would have to have bowed out.  The singing was so hauntingly beautiful - sweet, clear, soothing and dreamlike.  And the fiddler.  How can you fiddle that nimbly and walk and smile at the same time?  I would have to wear a tiara.  (Wearing a tiara is my solution to not being able to do something very well.  At least I'd look good and maybe no one would notice.)  But not him.  How do people get that good?
After the show, we all had that "I'm not ready for this good feeling to end" feeling, so we got a bite to eat in a nice cozy corner booth at Denny's.  Such easy conversations even though we don't all get together frequently.
Today we were all part of a new relationship amongst the women of our family; today we went from mothers and daughters all with a common bond of family, to women with a common bond of friendship.
Some days you just know will be remembered.


  1. Your slice made me feel so good. Great opening line. Your writing made me feel all the fun and bonding right along with you. So many lines to love in your slice! I loved the part about the tiara. And how you described a feeling that you don't want to end. So much voice in your writing! Your piece was so much fun to read. Really enjoyed it. :)

  2. What a great experience! I am soooo jealous. I have wanted to see Riverdance ever since PBS aired it. How fun to surprise cousins with the pregnancy! Your piece exudes joy. Thanks for sharing.


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