Saturday, March 5, 2011

Late to Bed, Early to Rise

It's Saturday...I feel a poem coming on...

Late to bed
Early to rise
Makes my head foggy
And droopy my eyes

Go make the coffee
Toast the wheat bread...
Or do I want pie
And ice cream instead?

My mug runneth over
My toast starts to burn
Get the toast out!
When will I learn?

To go to bed early
Although there's no school
You must get your sleep
Or you'll grow up a fool

....I think that's the rule... 
My mom used to repeat
Or was it the one
"Don't run in the street"?

When my eyes clear
And my body can move me
I'll know in a jiffy
Which one would behoove me.

Oh, yeah, words are flowing!
I'm using hard ones
Mixed with some others,
I know words by tons.

My eyes are now open
And I see by my rhyme
That the first rule was it
Sleep required more time!


  1. ...and so you continue to entertain with words
    get plenty of rest so we can have more blurbs:)

  2. Nice....
    I really enjoyed this. Can't wait to read more.

  3. Wow,
    look at the floods coming on you to share with us!

  4. I love your poem especially the 2nd stanza!

  5. Congrats on a great poem and your picture makes me say "ah"!

  6. What a delight to come upon your poem when I'm trying so hard to catch up on everyone's slices! Makes all the extra entry time on the computer worth it!


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