Z is for Zuchini and ZaniLa Rhyme

I'm Going to Miss This

It's the last day???
Tomorrow is M-A-Y?????
Where has the time gone?
I'm going to miss this.
Now I'll have to do dishes
and laundry
and comb my hair...
It just won't be
the same
Without a form
to tame.
I'll probably get over it.

This month I have been participating in the A to Z Challenge and incorporating National Poetry Month
by writing a poem each day.
There has also been a poem growing one poet at a time with the Progressive Poem - check out the ending today at Dori Reads.

Today's letter for the AtoZ is Z.  I have spent the past year-ish taking pictures of Maine vanity plates on cars in parking lots in Maine.  This year each poem form also begins with the same letter.  I found 2 Maine vanity plates for today, and chose a ZaniLa Rhyme for ZUCHINI.

The ZaniLa Rhyme, a form created by Laura Lamarca. The rhyme scheme is abcb, with a syllable count 
of 9/7/9/9. Line 3 contains an internal rhyme and is repeated in each odd numbered stanza. 
Even stanzas contain the same line but reversed phrases of internal rhyme. 
It has a minimum of 3 stanzas. 



O, vegetable beneath verdant leaves,
Zucchini so prolific
Amazingly you grow, where I sow -
I guess that’s not so scientific...

Impersonator of cucumber
With very subtle flavor
Where I sow, amazingly you grow,
No green thumb of mine in your favor!

You hide in plain sight in the garden
A bit of a green recluse!
Amazingly you grow, where I sow -
Under cover your number’s profuse.

You start out so smallish and cute
Poof!  Next day you’re gigantic!
Where I sow, amazingly you grow,
By August I’m zucchini frantic!

Next spring I’ll plant tomatoes and corn
No magical zucchini
Amazingly you grow where I sow;
You’re an amazing green Houdini!

by Donna JT Smith © 2012


This one ALMOST made the cut... But zucchini was easier for this format!  But back in 2012 I did write a poem for Z that fits it.  Here is an oldy for the last day of the AtoZ:


Zip zap zing
Who says z's are not the thing
To make a poem sing?
Zombie, zilch, zits
These are just the pits,
But zooming, zesty, zealous
make plainer words
Quite jealous.
And then you always have
The z that's in the middle
Wizard, lizard, drizzle.
Pizza, razzed and fizzle
And if that's not enough, friend
You have them at the end then
Like whiz and fizz and jazz
Which give this poetic spaz
 Some dazzling razzmatazz! 
 © 2012, Donna JT Smith

It has been a fun month of reading and writing!  Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog and special thanks to those who have taken the time to comment.  I do appreciate it!  And immense thanks to those who now follow me.  I hope we can continue to be blogger buddies!  Best of luck in your writing this year!

See you next year Alphabet! 


  1. I have enjoyed every one of your clever rhymes! And I have learned so much about different forms of poetry. Thank you!
    It is hard for me to believe that April is over as well. It has been fun to mark the days with you. I am sure you will find plenty of creative endeavors to fill your time - along with returning to doing dishes, laundry, and hair.
    Your joy shines through each of your writings!

    1. Thanks for stopping in and reading!! Oh, what fun to get more sleep in May! 😴💤

  2. It has been so nice to get to know such a talented Mainer during this A-Z challenge. I have enjoyed your license plates and have learned so much about obscure types of poetry. I will be back! Melanie's Stories

    1. Will you be sticking with any new podcasts you’ve discovered?
      Thanks so much for all your reading and comments this month! It’s been fun!

  3. You've tamed a bunch of forms indeed! Well done with the ZaniLa!

    1. There sure are a lot of forms! And many are quite complex! I’m more of an abcb kinda poet mostly! But it has been fun trying some new ones this month.

  4. There must be some sort of prize for three entries for the letter Z. Thanks for an interesting April keeping you company as you wrote your way along. I'm sure you have something in mind when it comes to more writing and what to do with yourself now that the #Challenge is over. I must finish the final edit of a 3rd novel as much as I loved writing about BOOKSTORES in April. Cheers!

    1. I post poetry every Friday at the least, and often in between. I'm working on a middle grade book right now. It's too short, I think, so I may have to add more "adventures" to it or expand some. I have a motorcycle to ride, grandkids to visit, a house we're finishing, watercolors I want to pick up again...and who knows what all! Good luck on your final edit. I'm sure it will be a wonderful book, as your writing for Bookstores was so well done.

  5. This is a wonderfully crafetd ZaniLa Rhyme. I never knew about this :)...Great visiting here through A2Z Forms. Will keep coming back :)


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