K is for KITTIES and Kyrielle Sonnet

K is for a Kyrielle Sonnet for KITTIES:

A Kyrielle Sonnet consists of 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain stanzas and a non-rhyming couplet), with a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza). Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet consists of eight syllables. French poetry forms have a tendency to link back to the beginning of the poem, so common practice is to use the first and last line of the first quatrain as the ending couplet. This would also re-enforce the refrain within the poem. Therefore, a good rhyming scheme for a Kyrielle Sonnet would be: 
 AabB, ccbB, ddbB, AB  or AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB

I chose the latter rhyming scheme for mine.  Actually I chose the latter, and switched (without realizing it until I showed it to my husband) to the former for the last two, then had to do some finagling to get it right.  It was easier to change the last two stanzas than the first, so did that.  I wanted to get some French in there...so "tout le monde" replaced "all the world" or "everything".  Finis.

Old Cat

The warm sun blankets old cat’s back,
Slitted eyes and whiskery face
Hide behind tail striped gray and black;
He dreams again of the wild chase.

The chase that begins with twitching
Then lowers to a crouch and brace -
That fidgeting kind of itching -
He dreams again of the wild chase.

Once all rodents got a trouncing,
He always jumped with feline grace,

Tout le monde was his for pouncing;
He dreams again of the wild chase.

The warm sun blankets old cat’s back;
He dreams again of the wild chase.

by Donna JT Smith, 2018
More K vanity plates I found:


  1. Replies
    1. I'm a cat person. I try to like dogs as much, but kitties have a slight edge on canines!

  2. The form also has a good motion for the cats to follow or does the form follow the cats?
    Well done.

    1. I enjoyed using this format. Seemed pretty easily worked with. And you are right, it did seem to fit the "kitties".


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