Sunday's Extra Plates Day

Today is Sunday and we have a second week's worth of plates done!  Here are the offerings of Amy Rudd and Brenda Harsham this week, along with an extra offering of mine for this 17th day of Poetry Month.  Though I'm taking the day off from posting for A to Z Challenge, I am still posting for the daily challenge.

I've missed a few of the plates for dogs, but still with what I have it seems that we are crazy about dogs in this state.  I originally wrote to this first dog plate, then noticed how many others I had.

Loyal friend of man
Slipper eater, stick chaser
Drooly tongue-loller

by Donna JT Smith

 And now for the guest poets this week!
Maine Mer
Maine Mermaid
Living in the sea
Mainely Where the Maniacs be!

by Amy Rudd, all rights reserved

I educate my mind
focus, remember happiness
let sadness go

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

jelly rolling
pink pigeon jugglin’
jiggin’ pig

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

kookie sweet
Wednesday kookie crazy
kookie crumbles

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

sunshine tempo
bop de bop bop, ditty bop bop
let's jam for spring

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

bagpipe drone moonlit
city street
open case, misfit 

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

dialing Orion
calling Cassiopea
dreaming of North Star

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

DO NOT FORGET to check out the Progressive Poem today!  It's Kim's line at Flukeprints.

Join me for letter #15 on Monday!
O-o-o what a day that will be!


  1. I like your poem, Donna. That's an impressive number of doggie license plates.

    Thanks for publishing my haiku.

    I tried to follow the link in your tweet of O, but your website said that page didn't exist.

    I have only been finding your license plate via your tweets, so I guess I don't be able to do O. Oh well.

    Have a great week.

    Warmly, Brenda


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