A to Z on a Plate - D

Line 5 in the Progressive Poem will appear today at Penny at A Penny and Her Jots.
I am writing a poem a day for NaPoWriMo (#NaPoWriMo) and linking up with Margaret Simon's sharing of poems inspired by an image. (#imagepoems) 
Visit more sites in the A-to-Z Challenge, where everything is about D today - Day 4! (#atozchallenge)

Sometimes in spring we can hear the fast drumming on a log, a male grouse, declaring its territory, by beating its wings very quickly.  One year we had a grouse who came to guard us at our house.  She came out of nowhere and stayed until winter, greeting us each time we came out of the house, and chasing our car down the driveway, first running then flying after us, as we drove away.  But that is another story (which may be read here)!


Perched atop a stump,
Resonating beat of wings
Grouse's drum solo.

©Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved


Once again, I found a number of license plates that began with D, as you can see.  Here are the surplus D plates.  Any ideas for a poem?


Would like to try your hand at a poem with one of these plates of D?  
Do YOU have a vanity plate beginning with the letter D?  
Let me know in the comments!  Or just comment.  
I like those, too!

If you would like a visit, please leave your url in your comment, to make it easier to return your call!


  1. Is your sub-challenge to write more haiku? It's remarkable to see that you are just as good at those as you are at witty rhyming poems!

    1. I do like haiku and I am trying to write more of them this month! Good eye! E will be different though.

  2. Oh, a haiku! I like it. I love poetry about birds. I'm enjoying your A to Z license plate extravaganza. I tweeted my D this afternoon:

    wordlust wyrm
    breathes fire poetry
    drag*n loud

    1. Oh, super! I am gathering up the poems people have put in the comments to post on Sunday. I'll mention it on Friday so people will know to go and take a peek! Thanks for joining in!

    2. I'm tweeting as I go. I'm using #imagepoems. I stopped by your first Sunday post. Looks great.


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