Monday, April 11, 2016

A to Z on a Plate - I

Today line 11 in the Progressive Poem is written by Buffy at Buffy's Blog. This poem, a compilation of poetic lines by a myriad of poets is so exciting! You just have to read it!
I am writing a poem a day for NaPoWriMo (#NaPoWriMo) and linking up with Margaret Simon's sharing of poems inspired by an image. (#imagepoems) 
Visit more sites in the A-to-Z Challenge, where everything is about I today - Day 9 ! (#atozchallenge)

If you see a plate that is speaking to you, please feel free to write to it!  You can never have too many poems on a plate!  Just put it in the comments or point me to it, so I can share it on Sunday.


Miss Dot
had lots
of polka dots;
she wore them every day.
Miss Dot
would not
dare to be caught
without her dot display.
Yes, Dot
Loved spots
Just lots and lots
At work, at rest and play!
This Dot
made plots
to wear her dots
No stripes got in the way.
Once Dot
who thought
her dots she'd brought
forgot them, sad to say.
No, Dot
had not
brought polka dots,
much to dear Dot's dismay.
Poor Dot,
no spots,
was so distraught;
a dotted disarray!
Then Dot
rethought -
 tattoos she sought,
applying spots to stay.
Now Dot
forget her spots;
her dots will never stray.

©Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved



See you tomorrow for a plate of J!

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  1. You made the license place come to life -- I C SPOTS!! (Such rhyming fun!!)

  2. I love your charming Dot and her indelible spots. :-) Here's mine for today:

    I educate my mind
    focus, remember happiness
    let sadness go

    For once, I couldn't figure out a couple. What was ISE? Ice? International Selective Egg? and IMALADNE? I'm a lad of New England? I'm a lad knee? I had to stare at IEDUC8 for a long time to realize what that one said, too. I was relieved to figure one out and have it not be challenging my religion, that I felt like celebrating! With a haiku! Yay!

    1. IMALDNE = I'm all done!
      Don't know ISE.
      IMMIMMI: thought might be a kid's way of saying Grammie?


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