A to Z on a Plate - T

Today is day 20 of the A to Z Challenge (see navigation on sidebar) - the letter T.  I've photographed and alphabetized vanity plates from our local area in Maine, and am writing poems to go with one for each letter of the alphabet - plus and extra on Sundays, since it is National Poetry Month and I'm committed to writing a poem a day for April.  I am also linking to Margaret Simon's challenge to write a poem in response to a picture each day.  Most pictures are a bit more "picturesque" than mine, but it is still a picture!
And again, if you have a poem inspired by one of these plates, please include it in your comment, or email it, or tell me where to find it on your site, and I will include it in the Sunday review here. 

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It is also the 2erd day and 23rd line for the Progressive Poem, the brainchild of Irene Latham. Check on the side navigation to go to today's new line.

T is for Two Maine Plates in the poem Today:

Put 'R Thayah

If you ah a Main-ah
Yud bettah talk right
Just put "ahs" where the Rs ah
Add em othuh spawts fuh spite
If you like drawrin' pich-ahs
Just put one ah right thayah
We've omitted enough,
So we have should have a spay-ah.
Don't mattah if yer a teach-ah
The rules ah the say-um
Sayin' ah's not just for doctahs
It's paht of ah fay-um.

©Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

See you tomorrow for a plate of U!

Please leave a comment and put your url or link in your comment, so I can jog on over to your site! 


  1. Oh my. That is one of the hardest poems I've ever read aloud! But I get the picture... or rather, the sound! ;) Great job!

    1. Oooh, maybe I should try recording it and putting it here.

  2. Replies
    1. I didn't realize the accent was there until I moved to Minnesota for 10 years. When I returned, it was shocking to hear my parents speak; but after a while, it was business as usual again!

  3. This one just BEGGED to be read aloud! So. Much. Fun. "Fay-um," indeed!! HUZZ-AH!

    1. Wish I'd recorded it. Maybe for next week's Poetry Friday.

  4. LOVE that poem!! I didn't realize that I had a Maine accent until I went to New York for a college visit. My host made mention of it after about my third or fourth use of 'wicked good.'

    Teach-Ah is a perfect plate for a Maine teacher. :)

    1. We are slowly losing all these accents. It's a shame to see them go!

  5. Works for us Rhode IslanDAHS too! lol

    1. I've lived in RI and though they do have an accent, it's not quite the same. We have a few different stresses on words that have to be heard and don't come through with writing!

  6. Great Main-ah verse. :-) The accent works all ovah New England. :-)

    fly a kite indoors
    juggle cupcakes and teapots
    oh, to be Thing Two!

    I'm tempted to do another for Trout, but I doubt I have time to. So tempting, though. Perhaps I'll be back.

    1. It has variations depending on which state you are in and even in Maine, the farther north you go the more Canadian it gets. Some parts are heavy French-Canadian even in southern Maine, though.

  7. Now that is a cute poem to explain how people in Maine talk :)


  8. Love, love your poem. I'd have a horrible accent if I visited Maine. You'd think I was a foreign-ah
    (oh, wow, I don't think I wrote that right.)

    JEN Garrett

    1. You'd be summah folk or from away if you was from anuthah state.
      A faw'nah would be from out the states, don'cha know.


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