A to Z on a Plate - M

Can you find the imposter plate in the collection?  One is not a Maine plate.  It is not eligible for a poem by me...I'm just using Maine plates for my poems.  However, if you have a plate you've seen and would like posted here, email me or post it on your site so I can steal it away!  I'll feature Plates from Away on the last day.  From some commenters though, it appears that Maine may have more than its share of vanity plates.  Do other states not do them as much?  I'm still seeing plates that I wish I'd gotten pictures of. 
It is Poetry Friday, so make sure you check out the links where Michelle is hostess at Today's Little Ditty . There are lots of poems and poets linking today.
It is also day 13 of the A to Z Challenge, with the letter M for today. #atozchallenge
It is the 15th day of National Poetry Month, and I am writing a poem a day for the whole month of April. #NaPoWriMo
And my poems are written to go with a vanity plate from Maine, and linking up with Margaret Simon's project of writing poems to go with images. #imagepoems
Oh, my, and the Progressive Poem is progressing nicely!  Check it out so far! Today Matt has the next line at Radio, Rhythm and Rhyme.

I actually tried writing to a few of these M plates before settling on this one.  This was the least problematic one for me... though it is a bit like "ICSPOTS" a few days ago!

Mermaids in Maine?
Maybe, why not...?
Because they shouldn't be here
Where weather has got
Cold winds and freezes,
but instead has a lot
Of tropical breezes -
A place where it's hot;
Mermaids should never
Give any thought
To what boots to wear
If in snow squalls they're caught.
Or scramble around
As their sweater is sought
Mermaids in Maine?
I truly think not.
For many a year that's what 
Schools here have taught.
And I've yet to see one
...Unless I forgot. 
©Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

Remember him?  On Captain Kangaroo...

If you live in Maine
You're a Mainiac -
It's a badge of pride!
As usual, send me a poem written to one of these plates if you feel inspired to write!

See you tomorrow for a plate of N!

Please leave a comment and put your url or link in your comment, so I can jog on over to your site!


  1. I have no clue which plate is fake but by far, this is most unique post I've come across.
    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

  2. I'm loving all your license plates. So creative!

    1. This is SO addictive. There are so many more plates, that I can't stop now. I even met another woman who takes pictures of plates to collect. As I took her car's plate picture, she snapped mine, too, for her collection!

  3. Good fun poem, Donna. And fun fake Mainer, too. You can take the man out of Maine, but you can't take Maine out of the man... right? (Disclaimer: I say 'man' because of the lovely alliteration with Maine - though I *know* the plate could just as easily belong to a woman.) I quite like that Mainiac plate, too. :) I guess that's not a new joke, though.

    1. ...oh, it's no joke...serious business!
      Yes, once you have the salt and potatoes in your system, they don't leave easily!

  4. Wow -- so much fun to see all these plates! Had no idea. I don't think people in VA are into them as much. Enjoyed your poem. I'd like to be a mainiac . . . or a mermaid. :)

  5. I'd have to agree with others, I don't see nearly as many vanity plates as you seem to. Maybe it's less expensive in Maine? I don't know, but I'm glad YOU see them or we would have missed out on this month's fun poetry project. Fun mermaid poem today, Donna! I don't think I'd like to smell a Maine mermaid's woolly sweater, though.

  6. So great, Donna, I have missed all your poems but this one is wonderful. Perhaps Mermaids will evolve someday, woolen scales? I can't believe all those M plates. I'll start looking here, but really don't see too many.

  7. Maine used to be part of Massachusetts, so including a Mass MAINER plate works for me. I like your mermaid poem, but I agree, I can't see a mermaid in snow boots. Perhaps they migrate like the seals and whales. Who doesn't love Maine in the summer?

    I nearly didn't make the deadline today, due to heightened pre-vacation school madness, but ta da!

    bagpipe drone moonlit
    city street
    open case, misfit

  8. I will mainely write a Fib for you...on your plate about the mer

    Maine Mer
    Maine Mermaid
    Living in the sea
    Mainely Where the Maniacs be!

    1. Love the plates you shared and the poem you created!

  9. And here I always thot that you were a mermaid. :)

    My favourite on this M page is MQQQSE. How would you pronounce that?

  10. Yes, I'm old -- I remember both Mr. Greenjeans AND Mr. Ed!!

  11. This post was really fun to read Donna. Remind me to send you a photo of my vanity plate from New York. It's my calling card.


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