A to Z on a Plate - Y

Y - We are nearing the end of the plates!  There's only one plate left in the set of 26!
If you get a chance, check out Violet Nesdolay's "found poem" using some of my vanity plates in the challenge! Way cool!

It is day 25 in the A to Z Challenge, and it is Poetry Friday over at Buffy Silverman at Buffy’s Blog.

Michelle H. Barnes has rounded up the collection of poems written on the theme of "echo" today, on Today's Little Ditty.
So here's The Poem on a Plate for Y.
I talked to the woman who had this plate to ask her permission to photograph it.  Then I asked her why she had this plate.  She told me that she wants to give people the message to slow down... stop rushing around and speeding.  I'm with her!

Why you rushing?
Why You Rushing?

Don't ask me that question,
I don't know just why
But when I am driving
I tend to just fly;
I'm not really rushing,
I just can't drive slow,
And if you don't like it
You know where you should go ->
There's a lane to the right
Where traffic is crawling,
And you could go there -
Though I find it appalling;
So either speed up,
Or get out of my lane
For I'm right on your tail
Like cars on a train
Why am I rushing?
I could ask this of you -
Why AREN'T you rushing?
Have you nothing to do?
Nowhere to go,
and nowhere to be?
No one to meet?
and no one to see?
Well, I am important,
and I have some friends
I need to be somewhere
and my life depends
on getting to someplace
and going real fast
Because I just hate to
Get anywhere last.

©Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

See you tomorrow for the final course: a plate of Z!!!

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  1. Hello Donna. I have posted the line for the Progressive Poem at sheilarenfro.blogspot. Looking forward to the finale tomorrow!

  2. You are most definitely rushing! Have loved your number plate posts, Donna. Fun project done well!

  3. Penultimate plate, not a rush job at all! Here's mine:

    zip, zap, zoom
    move over, I need room!
    Y R U rushing?
    Y not?

  4. This one made me laugh. Enjoyed your plate poems this month, Donna. :)

  5. Ha! Great fun, Donna.
    I hate to admit that I am sometimes that rushing driver for no good reason at all...

  6. Donna, I keep looking and although there are a few, I still have not found any vanity plates worthy of "capturing" here. Now you've made me wonder why! Love that "rushing" feeling of the poem, & I've seen those cars come "rushing" behind me. I do move over, promise! I just read Violet's 'found" poem, very cute from your plates.

  7. Maine seems to have the best vanity plates! I love the clever turn around question in this poem, Donna - great stuff.

  8. "And if you don't like it
    You know where you should go"


  9. That made me laugh out loud! I like how you really get in the mind of the rush-er.

  10. Donna, your YURUSHN is a great plate with a snappy poem to accompany it. Well done! Maybe it was meant for me because sometimes I think why are you in the fast lane when I am trying to get somewhere. Oops! Maybe I need to rethink this.

    I should send you my Vanity Plate from NYS for your take on it.
    Beyond LiteracyLink

  11. You expressed this "rushing" voice really well, Donna. I don't know if I could have held myself back from casting my own writerly judgment on him or at least given the person some sort of comeuppance at the end (like, say, an accident?). Clearly, too many speeding nitwits on the road here in FL. I guess it's gotten to me!


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