A to Z on a Plate - U

It's Day 21 in the A to Z Challenge!  Almost done with our alphabet!  Check out the A to Z Challenge link on the side navigation bar to meet more bloggers writing about R today.
Then also check out the list on the side bar to check in on the Progressive Poem today!  The poem is coming along beautifully and will be finished on April 30, when I add the final line...which I could be very nervous about, but am trying not to be.

U is next on the plate!  U plates are not as readily found as other letters, but there are a few.

I want you to hear
You are loved;
That my words will echo in your mind -
Speaking softly or seriously,
Grandly or tickly,
Tearfully or giggly.
I want you to know
You are cherished;
That it matters what happens to you -
Whether epic or simple,
Joyous or sad,
Winning or losing.
I want you to feel
You are adored;
That a hand is there to hold always -
In darkness or day,
Stumbling or sure,
Praying or playing.

I want you to love
Being loved;

But if you don't,
It won't change a thing;

I will still
 Love you.
by Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

 And now more of U on a Plate.  See anything here that strike's your fancy?  Feel free to write a poem in the comments and I will post it this Sunday, May 1.  
WHAT??? Sunday is May Day????  The month will be OVER at the end of the week???  Surely there must be some time warping phenomenon going on here.  April can't be drawing to a close.  I am not mentally prepared for this.  Months are streaming away from me.  Eeesh.

See you tomorrow for a plate of V!

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  1. The letter U leaves a lot you can do with a license plate! How fun!

  2. Ur poem is luvd! I was on the same wavelength this time. I take care to write mine before I read yours. It helps me write from my heart instead of my ears. :-)

    said or silent
    any rainbow of moods,
    you are loved

    Only 5 left. I feel a bit sad about that. :-)



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