Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A to Z on a Plate - V

It is the 26th of April, and we are getting near the close of the month!  A to Z Challenge will conclude on the last day of April with the letter Z.  National Poetry Month will end.  NaPoWriMo will be at a close.  The Progressive Poem will be relegated to the archives with the past poem creations.  What will May hold in store?  I'm sure it will be glorious.  But it seems like it will be a sadder month without the fun of reading and writing blog posts daily.  I guess it is time for another challenge.  Maybe just a personal challenge of writing and reading blogs daily for the month of May.  Or maybe it really is time for a break from the daily blogging and add more to my personal unpublished works.  I will have to see what seems right for me.   Plenty of time to ponder that...there are 5 more days, after all!

Now for V on a Plate.  There were not a lot of V's.  And this one is technically an O.  However, the person who owned the car with this plate was in the car reading when I spied it for O.  When I asked whether the o's were zeros, or was it the word "oodoo", he said that actually he was using the red Veteran's V for a part of the plate's word, and it was really VOODOO.  So, out of respect for his interpretation of his plate, I am including it in the V plates.  I do have other V plates, so it isn't like this is cheating.  I really tried "vollie" but it just wasn't cutting it.

A bit of magic in the air
A bit of charming golden hair
A pair of little silver clippers
A bit of hair cut by the snippers
The curls all fall down to the floor
Shortened by the clipper chore
Locks are swept in to the pan
Thrown away as best they can
Such transformation, no boo-hoo
As hairstylist does her voodoo.

by Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

So your turn!  Anyone for a Poem and a Plate?  Put your submissions in the comments or on your site and point me in that direction to capture it for Sunday, May 1, when I will post the poems submitted this week.

See you tomorrow for a plate of W!

Please leave a comment and put your url or link in your comment, so I can jog on over to your site!


  1. Lovely lock clipping ode. I worried it was headed for Sampson, but I was happy that it was a joyful ending. :-)

    Another last minute entry for me!

    jolly Vollie barks
    gallops thru lavender fields
    trees squirrels

  2. Great idea for a theme - have you been collecting plates for a while, or do you work somewhere that has easy access? Fun. As for May, I will be spending part of it trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge folks I haven't been able to get to yet. So many!

    1. Started collecting this past summer!
      Good luck on getting through the AtoZ!

  3. Love the trick ending. I was sure the locks were going to be used for magic!

    1. It did look that way and it IS how I got the idea to start the poem. Didn't know where it was going to end, but I knew it wasn't going to be magic, as that's just not in my vocabulary! So it was a surprise ending for ME too!


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