A to Z on a Plate - C

It is Day 4 of the Progressive Poem!  Find out how our birds are flying now at Diane Mayr's Random Noodling where line 4 has been added to the poem today!

A to Z Challenge for April is now on its third day.  And today is the letter C.  I have a Plate of C... Chaps.  I could have picked two other meanings, but I selected the third meaning to write a Haiku. 


Iced wind whips my face
Chapping to tender layers
Warm tears carve a path

©Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

More plates of C.  
C what you can do with these!

Do YOU have a vanity plate beginning with the letter C? 
Would like to try your hand at a poem with one of these plates of C?
Let me know in the comments!  Or just comment.  
I like those, too!
On Sundays I will post the Vanity Plate poems I get in the comments over the week.

See you tomorrow for D plate of D!

#atozchallenge #NaPoWriMo #imagepoems

Please put your url or link in your comment, so I can jog on over to your site! 


  1. A veteran of Maine winters would certainly know a thing or two about chapping!

    1. Kids here do spend a good portion of the winter with chapped lips and cheeks!

  2. Replies
    1. I just found the CHZHEAD on Saturday, so had my poem for C all set to go. But this would have been a fun one to write, too!

  3. I decided to catch up and tweeted a B and C. Such fun! :-)

  4. What a cool idea! Happy a-z!

    1. It's a fun one! I'll look for your blog tomorrow!

  5. Captain O! I like that one. If it had only been Captain N...


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