Extra Plate Sunday

Today there is the customary break in the AtoZ Challenge, so I am featuring poems that were submitted to go with a plate.  Brenda Harsham submitted one - or two - for each day and even submitted a vanity plate from Virginia.
Margaret Simon added her poem on a plate for OK.
This has been lots of fun.  Not much time remains.  Our alphabet and April grow shorter as the days grow longer!

First here's my poem - not a plate poem, but a poem written in response to a picture my daughter sent me last week of my two grandchildren, ages 4 and 2 (next week), as they were helping with the yard work and discovered a worm.

On Being a Worm

Be brown and
Carry crumbly dirt
When you emerge,
But don't assert -
For you are soft,
Can't hold your ground
If any robins
Are around;
But underground's
A different thing
A place where 
There's no beak or wing.
So you are safe
from all such beasts
Who might make you
Their squirmy feast.
In the soil is your domain
It's dark as dirt and buggy damp
But there's no need
For towel or lamp;
But still watch out
For things that probe,
For things that dig
In earthen globe;
Those things with fingers
Who spy your wiggle
in that clump
Of earth and giggle
To cradle you in
Chubby palm,
Inspecting you;
Meaning no harm.
They'll return you to
The earth once more
Those gritty grounds of
Ceiling and floor
Pressed on all sides
And you are home,
Returned to safety
Of Loam, Sweet Loam.

by Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

Here are the poems from those who stepped up to the Plate!

It's OK
you have plenty to say
it's another day
hip, hip hooray!

by Margaret Simon, all rights reserved

long vacation drive
uneasy sleep in guest house
opal dawn

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

glass slipper lost
dress still shines & glows
pumpkin smashed

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

sweepers, brooms
danger looms
quidditch zooms

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

And with a contribution to the plate collection, Brenda sent and wrote to:

marathon joy 
blood-pumping self-mastery 
run for kids’ joy

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

pale crescent moon

gleams through bare branches
snowy owl glides

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

silken tabby Sass
exhausted from rolling in catnip
grooms her paws

by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

fly a kite indoors
juggle cupcakes and teapots
oh, to be Thing Two!
by Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved


And don't forget to stop by the Progressive Poem today for line 24. 
Only a few more days and lines to go.  I'll be in for the last line.  Am I nervous?  Maybe.  Just a little bit... or more.  I wonder if I could just say "The End" when it's my turn.


  1. I like your poem, especially the punny ending, loam, sweet loam.

    The second to last Sunday of Plate joy... looks great. I like Margaret Simon's joyful one. Did you leave off T on purpose?

    1. Whoops! I forgot T! I'll see if I can add it in a bit between church services!


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