O is for Only 1 and Ode

The vanity plate, Only 1, was going to have an Ode written for it.   It wasn't flowing freely from my brain, so it has been changed to an Ottava Riva - with just a taste of Ode-yness!
I'm investigating Odes and their requirements.  It's way more than the simple definition of praising something with some rhyming thrown in.  Check this link to read a pretty good, thorough discussion about Odes here:

Ottava Rima Poems:

Ottava rima are 8 lines with an abababcc rhyme scheme, most commonly written 10-syllable lines. The form can work as a stand alone poem, or be used as connecting stanzas.

This one poured out when I changed to an Ottava Rima.  No idea where it was going when I started it.  But I'm pretty happy with it now.  It is to be read slowly, but enthusiastically with a hint of reverence.

Only One

You are the only one I'll ever love,
The only one who fills the void inside.
You fit me like a hand fits in a glove,
The one that helps me take each day in stride
And seems to give me just the bit of shove
I need to get me ready for this ride.
Oh, coffee, freshly brewed and steaming hot,
When you are gone I'll make another pot!

by Donna JT Smith, ©2018


  1. I've never heard of an ottava rima before. Great job! That's a challenging format to use.


  2. Hahaha! That was a great poem. I was really getting into it there. Nice job.
    Melanie's Stories

  3. I love the poem. I never knew about Ottava Rima poems..Thank you for sharing :)
    Jui Positive Cookies


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