Monday, March 14, 2011


I sang a solo at church for the first time in my 60 (yes, I am) years.
I've sung duets and trios and quartets and choir.  And I've sung solo in my car...very loudly.
But never a public solo where if you mess up you can't point to someone else.
I was a fill-in and didn't even know I was doing it until the hour before.
I told my Sunday School student (she's 80 years old and a Special Olympics medal winner) that I was nervous.  She just patted my arm and said, "You'll do fine!"  I thanked her, and said I was afraid that I'd make a mistake.  And she just told me, "It's okay, no one is perfect."  She had made me feel so much better, reminding me that no one is perfect.
As I waited, my mouth was dry, my hands were shaking.  I took deep breaths trying to steady my heart beat.   I stashed my "mouth moistening" piece of Orbit spearmint down by my cheek and gums and walked to the microphone.  I began.  My voice started softly, as I knew that would be safest.  My husband was on the sound board and my sister-in-law was playing piano.  I trusted that they would make sure my voice was heard.   My eyes tried to see the music and the people all at the same time, and that's how I messed up.  One little word, two times!
In the middle of "In the Garden" I started to smile.  I was remembering "It's okay, no one is perfect", but God loves us anyway.


  1. Congratulations on your solo! It is a good reminder, "No one is perfect." I doubt anyone knew you messed up, they were enjoying the music.

  2. You reminded me of my first solo. I wasn't supposed to be a solo, like you. It was Christmas and our children's choir always sang on a local TV show. Two boys were supposed to sing a duet but they were too soft so...the choir director put me between them the Sunday before our TV appearance to give them volume and confidence. We stood up, the minister smiled at us, the choir director began to play our introduction, and then...the two boys sat down and left me standing. I sang "We Three Kings" shakily not believing the conspiracy that took place.

  3. Great job on the solo!!! And the Slice.

  4. You sound so proud, maybe pleased that you did it, but also pleased that it wasn't perfect & that was okay. I liked your story & the details leading up to the 'event'.

  5. It's amazing how we think we can't do something, but really can! Congrats! I bet you were amazing!


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