Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reigning Cat and Dog

7:10-7:20 am - Purrsee repeatedly tears upstairs to the loft, does a lap up there, "neows" and then races back down.
7:25 am - Pippi sits patiently by the door waiting for her second trip out in the snow before I leave for work.
7:40 am - I put Pippi in charge of the house as I leave, but I don't think the cat really listens to her at all.  If either of them were to be running the appliances while we were away, it would be the cat.
7:45 am - I pull out of the driveway, with Pippi sitting forlornly in the window watching me go.  The cat is nowhere to be seen.  Plotting, no doubt.
7:50 am - 4:59 pm - I picture everyone napping all day.  I may be wrong.  The cat may have the tv on.
5:00 pm - Purrsee is in the window watching for my return.  When I get inside, the dog greets me with her stuffed lion. The cat greets me with vocals.  "I am hungry neow."  "Feed meeneow."  Now that I think of it, that could just be a distraction, keeping me from noticing that the tv is in fact still warm...
5:01 pm - Entering the kitchen, the dog follows carrying her lion gently in her mouth, and the cat watches from a nearby perch.  I make my rounds, closing all the bottom kitchen cabinet doors.  The cat feels the need to open them to let me know he's in distress from lack of food.  He watches me close them and jumps down threatening to open them again if I don't do something about it "neow".
5:05 pm - Pippi sits by the door anxious to go out.
5:06 pm - Pippi sits by the door anxious to come in.  It's cold out there.  I wouldn't want to have to use an outhouse.
5:10 pm - I open the refrigerator...what's for supper?  Purrsee opens a cabinet...
5:30 pm - Supper is being prepared.  I close a few more cabinet doors.
6:00 pm - Supper is ready. I put out the food for all of us.  The lion is discarded.  The sound of crunching.  No more "neows".
7:00 pm - I have my feet up. A dog lies beside my chair, head resting on a lion.  There's a cat in another chair quietly bathing.
And soon it will be tomorrow.


  1. Very cute!!! I really enjoyed your slice today!!!

  2. The personalities of your pets shine through in this slice. Such a fun read.

  3. Nice job! I think my cat goes upstairs and turns on the electric blanket, while the dog jumps the gate to chew on my shoes....anyway, you made me laugh to think about the possibilities!

  4. Oh the giggles! This sounds like a similar day in my house except the moment my bottom hits the chair, the cat hits my lap. Thank you for the belly laugh!

  5. You've made me miss pets all the more, but I do remember the cat & dog days. You described it so precisely!

  6. I love this! I have two dogs whose daily schedule includes dumping out all of the trash cans in the house and laying on the couch watching for us to come home.

  7. @Elizabeth G.
    I don't understand why my cat isn't a lap cat for me. He will only lie in my husband's lap...I'm the food person.


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