X is for XPRESV #AtoZ Challenge

X is for XPRESV:
Here are some plate I found in storage.  I did not find a new one for this year.

Expressive Impressions

When you have a car
and a great something to say
you get a license plate
as a way to display
What you like to do
your hobby, your work
maybe your name,
or some other odd quirk.
Better than a sticker
to put on a bumper
But some of these plates
can be real a stumper -
Like X2RNR...
what's that about?
Others are XSELNT
...a vanity shout...
If you have the need
to be all XPRESV
Get a vanity plate
and you'll be impressive.

by Donna JT Smith ©2019


  1. Those are very creative vanity plates starting with 'x'--I actually don't recall ever having seen a plate starting with that letter though I can see the possibilities. For years my parents had a TN plate that said "JUGGLER" on it. I still have that plate out in my garage.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Did you ever translate that X2RNR? I can't figure it out. "Extern-er" makes no sense, but all I can make it!


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