First Spiritual Thursday - Renewal

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Today is Spiritual First Thursday for April, and the topic is Renewal.
My first thought for renewal was the book I just renewed at the library this week.  A book renewal.  I hadn't had time to read, but wanted to.   It was new to me when I first checked it out, and I made it new to me again.  Hmmm.  Is that what this means?  There may be an analogy there, but I can't do it.  Lol!  I'll think some more!

And the obvious "renewal" is Spring!  All the green and growing, coming back to life, Easter...

However, searching through some of my favorite verses, this one came to mind:

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?  I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:19

I like this verse.  It is a wonderful reminder to me at this point in our lives.  I feel like I am in gentle hands.  I feel as if my steps as being guided.  Each step in our new adventure seems easier now than it seems that it should be.  Somehow when a way or a problem seem impossible, the waves part, the brambles melt...the path we've taken becomes clearer in its purpose and we receive assurance that God has put us where we need to be.  And we are renewed in our spirits.  When you can't see the end of a journey, it is easy to wonder if you are on the right track.  But when the jungle leaves part and you see the clearing...and there's a Starbucks are renewed!  It's kind of like that more than a library book renewal!

Seriously, the longer we travel this current path, the clearer it is that it was a plan all along.  Every so often we are treated with a "renewal" of spirit as we receive an unexpected blessing...on our way through the wilderness we are shown a sure way, when we are parched in a desert we are given a refreshing river to renew with fresh water to drink, bathe in, maybe even take a canoe for a bit to speed up the course.  Since our move, it has happened over and over again.
"Behold." - Watch this!
 "I will do a NEW thing"  This will be different from anything else
"now it shall spring forth"...Surprise!
"Shall ye not know it?"  Don't you see what I have done here?
"I will even make a way in the wilderness" - I am going to make it so that you can get through all the tough stuff
"and rivers in the desert" - and you will be refreshed and renewed.

Watch this!  I'm going to do something entirely different than what it will appear.  Surprise! See what I did? I made the rough traveling smooth, cleared boulders, melted brambles so you can get through, and just as you were getting hot and thirsty, I will provide refreshing water with which to renew yourself - drink, bathe, drink, use the river as a path even.  Renew yourself!

I'm sure there will be some more brambled paths and we will get tired of coming to the edge of them and beginning to whack away at them.  But when they start to melt away and the refreshing waters are exposed, we will be renewed and reassured that we are still on the right path.

May everyone have a renewal this spring.  May the sun shine on you, may you find yourself smiling at the green and growing and may even the rain be seen not as discouragement but an encouragement to feel the renewal and cleansing in the downpours.

Got to have a poem, of course.


Renew my spirit
Lift my soul
Wash me cleaner
Make me whole
Give me water
From the well
Sit with me
and rest a spell
Make my brambled
ways be sure.
All my footsteps
Let every day
give a new start.
Renew, restore
a joyful heart.

by Donna JT Smith, 2019

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  1. Thanks for this poem, Donna. I really like it. Best to you, and I hope you find my offering at:

  2. Do these rhythmic verses just roll from your tongue? I know you've had some rough patches lately. I hope you are seeing the clearing and perhaps the longer view. Sometimes only in hindsight do we see clearly. Thanks for sharing today.

    1. My poor husband! I don’t like getting interrupted in the middle of a flow and sometimes he doesn’t know where my mind is! Lol! Yes, they do mostly just come pouring out. Sometimes a few tweaks are needed. I have to make a concerted effort NOT to rhyme. Strange.

  3. I'm so happy you're having such a season of feeling blessed and guided! Thanks for posting!

    1. This season has been a struggle in so many ways, and I still get a "hiccup" when another wrench is thrown in. However, more and more I am seeing that our feet are headed in the right direction and we are not on a vain path. My faith is being grown every day.

  4. Donna, your brambled path has led you to your now-your place-your new home. I hope this path is easing now and that a clearer path has opened. It seems as if it has. Your poem is a treasure to read before sleep. I asked for evening prayer and found yours. Many thanks.

    1. Book renewal. I knew it wasn't that one! See, God does have a purpose and a plan. Your comment has given me even more faith that God places our feet and our words where they need to be. Thanks, Carol.

    2. 2nd read for me this week, Donna. The Lord placed your poem/prayer in a space for all to benefit from. I am so glad that your place to be is where God has paced you.

  5. This post is such a pleasure to read. I like how you used this scripture to remind us that our God always leads the way to renewal and restoration. I love these words from your post and I'm adding them to my padlet of Word that Delight: " Somehow when a way or a problem seem impossible, the waves part, the brambles melt...the path we've taken becomes clearer in its purpose and we receive assurance that God has put us where we need to be."
    Your poem is a gift given from the heart and I always appreciate your words.

    1. Thanks, Ramona. I am glad God got my thinking started. I love when He can use us.


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