V is for VIOLIN1 #AtoZ Challenge

Day 22 in the AtoZ Challenge is the letter V.
It is also National Poetry Month.  So I am writing a poem a day this month inspired by vanity plates spied around parking lots in Maine in 2018.

V is for VIOLIN 1:

Four Strings

The instrument that should have been
is a sleek and squeaky violin.
I asked my mother could I play
and she said, "I don't think today
would be so great to start that noise
for Sunday's your dad quite enjoys
the peace and quiet of football
and not a stormy violin squall."
No other days were good she said
for migraine's would engulf her head,
and so I never got to play
an instrument until today...
a ukulele...
Granddaughter says she likes it fine
and has one too, almost like mine.
So there.
    Taking uke out for a spin;
don't need no squeaky violin!
We will play ookoo-lay-lay duets,
and I am taking wagers and bets
that she will far out-ring my strings -
her little fingers are borne on wings.
While mine are stable in their ways,
they're not as nimble as younger days.
Yet still these four strings want to sing
There's surely not a more wondrous thing
Than sitting side by side with her
strumming four strings to make them purr.

by Donna JT Smith ©2019

...her 21" soprano ukulele and my 23" concert ukulele
Finger on C...


  1. So glad you are getting to play an instrument (at last)! Yay!

    1. Me, too. My son also bought one, and we are both learning at the same time. When we get together in May we will try playing something together!

  2. Yes, violins are very squeaky! I had a friend growing up who played, and so did all of her many siblings! The littlest girl had the tiniest violin! It was torture being at her house hearing one or the other practice. My son took it in 4th grade. I used to go in my room and exercise when he practiced! Lovely in an orchestra, not so much alone. Unless used for "fiddle" music!

    1. We have a group of teen girls who play violin at church and they sound wonderful. I had bought a violin a few years ago that was gathering dust - not really having time or energy to figure out how to learn to play - so I gave it to one of the teens who wanted to play. And I'm SO glad I did. She's doing a wonderful job and plays for the services now. That was just not going to happen for me!


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