U is for Unveil #AtoZ Challenge

I am doing a poem a day this month for National Poetry Month.  The poems are inspired by Maine vanity license plates I've photographed over the past year. 

Day 22 of the AtoZ Challenge is dedicated to the letter U!  And my U word is UNVEIL... 

The trees in fall becoming bare have rare and colorful beauty;
I wish they'd always look that way
For bright colored leaves just suit me.

It's always sad to see them go to drift and swirl to ground,
Unveiling all the tree branches
with a farewell swishing sound.

The winter snows attempt a veil with fluff and puffs of white,
But in the sun the snows unveil
and melt without a fight.

Winter's stark and dark will end when lightly springs the veil
On breezes blue with yellow sun -
as green tulle freshens stale.

Once more the trees are under wraps of multi-hues of green;
their heads all covered and their limbs
with nests, in veils, unseen.

Then summer's end sees all that change to colors red and gold,
until again the trees, unveiled,
Return to gray and cold.

We'll seek again spring's drape of green, we know its sure return;
This veil of haze rewards our gaze
From tree's top down to fern.

by Donna JT Smith©2019


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