Saturday, April 20, 2019

R is for READ2M

It's R today for AtoZ!
R is for ride, too.  Our motorcycles arrived yesterday evening in perfect shape.  I had my denim skirt on, but I took it for a spin around the block as soon as it hopped out of the helmet, no jacket, no gloves, no valid license plate...what a Rebel!  Boy, did that feel fine!  Now to get our driver's licenses here and get these registered and inspected here.  Sigh.  No real riding until that is done.

R is for READ2M - I thought first it was Read 2 ME and then I reread it... ah, "read to 'em" - probably a teacher's plate.

Read to Them

Read to them
   the books they need
   the books they want
   the books they breathe

read to them
   and give them words
   and give them thoughts
   and give them...birds

      and dinosaurs
      and little bugs
      and knowledge that's
      like little hugs

read to them
   from days of old
   those tales we loved
   that we were told

read to them
   of Alice, Seuss,
   of Treasure Isle
   and Mother Goose.

read to them
   the tried and true
   then read to them
   of something new

      comparing hair
      lights in the night
      how poems sing
      about Great White

read to them
   and read some more
   sit on the bed
   sit on the floor

   whatever you do
   wherever and when
   just remember to
read to them.

by Donna JT Smith ©2019

7th stanza references to:
*Can I Touch Your Hair by Irene Latham and Charles Waters
*Flashlight Night by Matt Forrest Esenwine
*Bayou Song by Margaret Gibson Simon
*Great White Sharks in Action by Buffy Silverman


  1. Nice poem - and remember to wear a helmet every.single.time. Brain noggin needs protection for poetry. - Erin (

    1. Yes, to the helmet! I have always worn a was a reckless first!

  2. Very important words in that poem! Ideally, reading from an actual book, with the child in your lap! Not, handing them an iPad! Oh, how it concerns me to see so many tiny ones just staring at screens in the shopping carts! All the experiences they are missing, for the sake of "easy" parenting I guess.

    1. I think we have gone overboard with technology...parenting should never be easy. It isn't parenting then.

  3. Great advice, I love the way you can connect the plates and your poems. Good job!

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Raspberry

    1. Thanks, Donna. I've been so busy lately that I am not getting around to comment as I should.

  4. Donna! Thank you for the nod to CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR? I love this poem. xo


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