B is for BOOHOO #AtoZChallenge

It is the second day of the AtoZ Challenge!  Welcome.  This year I am continuing to write a poem a day (except for Sundays - but I may have one non-A to Z poem) using the vanity plates I spied since last year.

B is for...

These were all pretty compelling, but I selected BOOHOO.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Boo who?
What are you crying about?

Okay, that isn't the poem.  Been hanging around my grandchildren too much.


The tears of a child, the moan of a ghost
The cry as milk spills 
when you needed it most.
The eerie of owl, the chortle of loon,
the bay of a wolf 
as he howls at the moon.
The drama clad drear wronged six year olds make
The whoop after diving 
into a cold lake
Boo-hoo or whoo-hoo, or hoooty-hooot-hoo
It's hard to discern if one's singing
the blues
or which hoo we choose
Or what it construes
But no matter the who or the why of the call
A boohoo belongs to whomever and all.

by Donna JT Smith ©2019

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C U tomorrow!


  1. A great tried-and-true knock-knock joke.
    Your poem is haunting with its mention of spilled milk and rights of all to be heard.
    http://gail-baugniet.blogspot.com/ B is for Baltic Amber Tradition

  2. I love this! It struck my eye at first glace because of one of my dogs, Boo.

    I like the words you chose for the bird sounds, "eerie" and "chortle."


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