Sunday: Fancy Note and Haiku

Sunday is a no AtoZ Challenge day....Monday is Y.
But it's still National Poetry Month, so here is Sunday's poem!  And a late posted fancy note to the Easter Bunny.

A note to the Easter Bunny - misplaced "the" - but what do you expect when you are concentrating on making your letters fancy and doing it all on your own...just shy of 5 years old:
Easter Bunny
Please enthe 
 (please enjoy the carrots)

My morning window inspired Sunday haiku:
beyond this portal
sweet invisible curls waft
petals beckoning

by Donna JT Smith ©2019

Clothing inspired Sunday haiku:
indigo heaven
simple white dots, silver spots
stars He made displayed
 by Donna JT Smith ©2019


  1. "Enjoy the carrots" shows a caring heart, doesn't it? My daughter and I think tights are the best creation ever in the recent years. I love 'silver spots'! Enjoy your Sunday, Donna.


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