Sunday: Go Fish

There is no AtoZ Challenge letter for Sundays, but I still need to post a poem for National Poetry month.  So here it is - a spare G Vanity License plate from Maine for a Sunday:

Go Fish

"Go fish," said the Man
who stood on the shore.
Be fishermen,
take to the sea;
and while you are there
seek out the men,
the men who are
looking for me.
Tell them the way
to follow me home.
Tell them their feet
needn't roam,
for I am right here -
if they listen it's clear
the straight path 
they're seeking is shown.
What's narrow right now
in time becomes wide,
a glorious ride;
no burdens to bear,
but you'll need to take care
of the Spirit you
harbor inside
feeding it well,
as the good news you tell
Is food for the fisher
as well. 

by Donna JT Smith ©2019


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