C is for CDB IC #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 3 of the AtoZ Challenge!

It is my 8th year in participating in the AtoZ Challenge, and it is also National Poetry Month, so I am writing poems from A to Z based on Maine vanity plates I've spied this past year.  The AtoZ does not have a letter for Sundays, but I will probably post a non-vanity plate poem on that day.
3rd day of the Challenge, we are on the letter C.
C is for...
I could not find a C plate in my shortened time in Maine.  Typically in early spring I pick up any letters I've missed.  But we moved in October-ish...through December-ish...
But I found this great website that will show you how a plate from any state would look with the selected letters or numerals on it.  I've included the link under the image in case you'd like to give it a try!

I remember long ago when I first started teaching there was a book called ICDB in our school's library...so I kind of went with that concept.
License Plate Maker

It's spring, so look around and see
Flowers and the bumble bee
See the blossoms, smell the breeze
Allerest will help that sneeze!

by Donna JT Smith ©2019

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  1. Hi, Donna. Neat post. I'm doing the challenge again #101 on the sign-up list.

    1. I'll be right there...gotta get me some more coffee! Thanks for visiting!

  2. How fun to include a reference to allergies, Donna. This is NOT my daughter-in-law's favorite time of year!

    1. She may need to try a different part of the country! My husband's allergies aren't kicking up here in PA - or not yet, and they should have.

  3. I remember CDB!
    I am fortunate to not suffer any allergies. My oldest son couldn't mow the lawn (lucky boy!). Since he moved from one US coast to the others his allergies are gone. Different pollen.

    1. We noticed that there are different pollen here in PA than in Maine. My husband's allergies don't seem to be kicking up in the spring weather here like they would at this stage of spring in Maine.

  4. What a great post! Stopping by from the #bloggingatozchallenge

  5. Once again, you astound me with your creativity! I am so far behind in reading/commenting but I'll be back!

    DB McNicol, author
    Microfiction: Chick

    1. Arrrgh! I am behind on my commenting also...I have at least been keeping a list of where I've been. It helps me make sure I'm visiting. I didn't get all my posts set up to post automatically, and haven't finished them all yet...too behind. But we bought a house and moved and I'm babysitting...so life is full and different! I'll make it over to yours soon!!


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