Spiritual Journey Thursday and SOLC

This post is doing double duty.  It's a Slice of Life for Two Writing Teachers and a Spiritual Journey Thursday post.  It is my way of heeding my own advice here - simplify your life!  The Spiritual Journey Thursday link up is on Holly Mueller's blog.  Everyone there is writing on Linda Kulp's OLW "Simplify" and how it pertains to their Spiritual walk.

Me, unsimplified - but simplifying my life today by selecting an old avitar from my files.

Last week I did two posts on a Thursday, separating my two voices - one voice was the everyday Slice, and the other was my Spiritual Journey post.  I realized I cannot and do not have to always separate the two.  My walk with God is a part of my daily life, and I'm not sure I've ever made that clear.

I do not blog on Sunday's.  I will blog the day before and schedule it to post though.  And I have broken my own "rule" a bit for SOLC and linked up on that day early in the morning before I leave for church or late at night after evening service.  I feel a little guilty about that even.  God should be more important than making sure I blog and link 31 days in March!

So, I am simplifying and edifying (I hope that doesn't sound pretentious, but it rhymes, so I'm using it!) with an all in one today.  If you read my blog regularly, then this is no surprise to you as I mix the two types of writing on different days fairly regularly. 


much to do,
much to see,
much to learn,
much to be

much too hard,
much too fast,
much too heavy,
much too vast!

   Simply breathe -

simplify life
by letting go -
simplify tasks
by saying no -
simplify more
with less to show -
simplify when
you start to slow.

   Simply pray -

Faith to see,
Faith to keep,
Faith to save, 
Faith to leap;

Faith so right,
Faith so pure,
Faith so bold,
Faith so sure!

   Simplify, selah.

©Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved

Enjoy your day!  And try to find one way to Simplify your life today.  I just did!


  1. Good for you! Thank you for modeling for us how to live--not just speak--"simplify," the word. Thank you, too, for the fast-paced "Simplify" poem, packed with so much common sense wisdom! I especially love: "simplify more with less to show"...scary stuff! Thanks for your encouragement. God bless you!

  2. Beautifully said Donna! The older I get the more I want/need to simplify. It's funny what used to be so important, really isn't important at all. And thank you for your kind words on my slice :-)

  3. Donna, tying the two voices into one is powerful. I was wondering if you would transition your post this week like last. You simplified your response that was specific, pertinent, and full of faith-based wisdom. Thanks for the thoughts for me to ponder.

  4. Well said, Donna. I'm especially fond of this verse:

    "simplify life
    by letting go -
    simplify tasks
    by saying no -
    simplify more
    with less to show -
    simplify when
    you start to slow."

    Sometimes saying 'no,' means saying no to myself. I'm learning that it's often the pressure I put on myself to be consistent and live up to things that aren't that crucial that weigh me down. It's a fine line, I know between being dependable and obsessive.

    I love your change of tone as you switch focus, away from busy to-dos toward God and faith.

  5. Simplifying helps us save moments for sacred time. A simple poem that packs a punch. Thanks!

  6. Selah. When we bring it back to love and faith at its purest that is simplicity. Beautiful writing.


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