Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Noah and Doggie-Doggie

Sometimes a Slice of Life comes from my pets...

"She does not see me up here, but I can see her every move!  And I am thinking about  how much I need to jump on her."

Leave Ginger alone.  I don't want to have to put her in her crate.

"I am leaving her alone.
Here, Doggie-doggie!"

First of all, is that what you call leaving her alone, and secondly, her name is Ginger, not Doggie-doggie.

"Does it matter?"

Well, would it matter if I called you kitty-kitty?

"I see your point.  But I'm different."

Oh, you are different, all right.

"I perceive you are using 'different' in a slightly sarcastic way."

And you are never sarcastic, I suppose?

"Am I?"


"I didn't think so.  I will ignore that sarcastic tone.
 Aha!  She's moving!  I love a moving target!" 

Leave the dog alone.

"Ohhh, Doggie!  You do not see me!  But I see you-ooo!
Ha!  Pow!  Gotcha!" 

"Now I can call her Claude."


"Get it? C-l-a-w-e-d.  Claude."



  1. Despite his naughty attitude, I do think Noah is quite handsome, Donna. He just wants to play, right?

    1. He does! He loves to play with Ginger. He's always trying to entice her to interact. As far as he's concerned, Ginger is just a big cat toy that doesn't need to be on a string.

  2. Love the cattitude of Noah! Your home is quite the fertile ground for animal interactions. Hope the training of Ginger is still going well.

    1. Ginger's training is going very well! I think I'll give her training update tomorrow for my slice. Thanks!

  3. This is exactly the conversation between my Sophie and Cat - what's not to love about animals with attitudes!

    1. Noah is ALWAYS talking! And when he's not talking he's lying across my computer, making changes for me.


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