Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Today is Day 27 of the SOLC for March.  We are slicing a bit of life and serving it up each day in March, thanks to Two Writing Teachers.
I took this picture in our church sanctuary on a sunny Sunday morning.  I loved how the sun was streaming in through the windows and lighting up a small piece of the church that I'm not sure many notice.

And I wrote an aCROSStic for it - in not record time... it wasn't that simple for me today.  Sometimes poems come easy, others not so much.  This was a not-so-much one.

I hope you have a joyous Easter today!

I'll be back to comment later today.


  1. Donna, this is beautiful--your words and the presentation. I will be back to see what you add later. Happy Easter!

  2. It was worth the struggle to find the right words. Happy Easter Donna!

  3. This is gorgeous. Both the photo AND the aCROSStic. Cool that you were able to record the small part of the church that not many even notice. Happy Easter.

  4. Your acrostic is perfect for today! Happy Easter!


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