Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre

This is my tenth Slice of Life Challenge post of March 2016.  

 Today's slice is a poem/memory of something my mom used to say when we were working together on the computer.  She's been gone for 12 years, but I can still hear her saying, "Wait, wait, wait!" whenever I type any URL.


I used to laugh with my mother
as she learned to use a computer;
she would look over my shoulder
watching the keyboard and screen
and I would hear
"Wait - wait - wait!"
as she tried to keep up 
with what I was showing her.
"Wait, I need you to do that again."
"Wait, how did you do that??"
"Wait, wait, wait!  You are going too fast."
Then I would slow down 
showing her again 
how she could save a file
or print something out.
"Wait, is Spider Solitaire still on here?"
"Wait, where did my pictures go?"
"Wait, wait, wait!  How do I get to that web page?"
"Wait - Wait - Wait!"
I used to tease my mother
that WWW was for
as in

by Donna 
And as well as part of the SOLC, this is a Spiritual Journey Thursday post that continues after this poem.  For Spiritual Journey Thursday, some writers have chosen to post about someones OLW for the year and write about its influence in their daily spiritual walk or its spiritual meaning to them.
It is your choice as to whether you want to read further; if you are fine with doing the Slice of Life you can stop here at this wonderful picture of my Yellow Lab awaiting the command to get her treat - commenting only on the top portion.
I do feel that this is still a part of my Slice, too, as God is more than a slice of my life.  He's the whole pie. 

"Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre."

This was the phrase I memorized in high school, when our French Club teacher said we must learn a saying to stand up and quote in front of the others members to see if they could translate it into English. I've remembered it all these years. Its English translation is: "All things come to those who wait."  Or - I just noticed -another rendition is found on Holly's blog: "Good things come to those who wait."
Ginger - patiently waiting for a good thing!
At the time I picked that phrase, I was kind of pining away in a swoony kind of teenage way for a boy who really didn't notice me as far as I could tell.  It seemed the perfect phrase to hold close to my heart, waiting patiently for the day he would realize how much he loved me.  Well, that day never came, and I'm kind of... no... I'm REALLY happy that never materialized.  It's nice to have those memories but the fact of the matter is, who knows if I'd ever have married my husband, if he'd ended up my boyfriend?  I had more waiting to do!  I was wise to follow my French advice and to wait patiently at that time.  God did hear my cry and sent me a much better man!

Psalm 40:1
I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.

Waiting is difficult sometimes, or maybe all the time.  You have heard that we must "wait upon the Lord".  I used to think, that waiting upon the Lord meant that I should wait around and see what happens, because he was going to do something amazing shortly, just for me who was sitting around waiting for it (like sending me that boyfriend!).  Then it dawned on me, there's another meaning for "wait".  That other meaning has to do with serving.  Your waiter or waitress waits on you!  They are servers.  They watch until you need something, and then they serve you or wait on you; they make sure you have what you need or ask for.  They do not just hang around waiting.

When I "wait" upon the Lord, I'm not just waiting around until he does something for me, but I am serving him.  I listen to God to see what He wants of me, and keep "waiting on the Lord".

I need to be reminded  - Don't just wait....WAIT!

When serving the Lord, good things WILL come in good time.  So I still keep "tout vient à point à qui sait attendre" close, but I tweak the meaning to remind myself that I don't just wait around to see what he will do (though He isn't opposed to that); I get active and wait ON the Lord.  His goodness will be made known to me as I serve Him.

Psalm 27:14
Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and and not faint."

Wait on God today, and see how He will strengthen you.

Thank you Holly Mueller for your OLW, "wait", today.  I remember the day that this other meaning of "wait" became clear to me.  It's one of the things I love about how God "gives" us the Bible - “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”  Isaiah 28:10.

If I wait upon the Lord long enough, I'm sure he will show me more - and it's going to be goooo-oood!

Read what others are saying about WAIT at Holly Mueller's blog Reading, Teaching, Learning.
And if you are in the mood to judge some writing, DL Hammons has the WRiTE CLUB writers competition going on now.  It is the fourth bout today, but it is not too late to go back and vote on your favorite pieces of writing.  All writers are writing under pen names, and won't be revealed until the end of the competition.  Today's writing was a little gruesome for my taste, but I still read them and cast my vote for the best writing - even though it was not the kind of writing I was partial to!  You might want to skip doing it with students, though some of the writing would be for MG and YA.  It's just that you never know!  It's lots of fun though and the bouts run into April.  Check it out if you get the chance and don't have enough to read and comment on already!!


  1. What an extremely sweet and patient lab! Your poem reminds me so much of my parents, both gone now. Thank you for sharing that memory.

  2. Oh Donna! I had never thought about the wait in waiter before! Love the connection to how we serve the Lord when we our waiting upon Him! Thank you so much for this post!

  3. Love your slice of life about your mother and technology. My mother is more tech-savvy than me, but my mother-in-law has a tough time with Facebook. I have to repeat everything. I need to draw some pictures.
    I had not thought about the wait in waiter either. Of course, when we wait for the Lord, we must continue to serve. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I love the poem - it made me smile. What a fun memory and tribute. And oh my goodness, like Loralee and Margaret, I had never put the wait/waiter meaning together, either! That's why I LOVE this OLW Spiritual Journey Thursday community. We shed new light on our special words. Thank you for this! The boyfriend story is so cute and true - God knows best!

  5. OH, and I loved how you said, "I do feel that this is still a part of my Slice, too, as God is more than a slice of my life. He's the whole pie."

  6. Donna, what a precious memory of time shared with your mother. I shan't see www and NOT think about Wait Wait Wait. That's exactly what it's like sometimes. :) Also, I appreciate the reminder of wait not being passive. For those of us who like to feel we're moving toward something, it helps to realize that waiting does not equal stalling; it is in fact forward motion. Thank you!

  7. All things come to those who wait. Donna while this is a truism, waiting is still a difficult period of time when one is impatient. Your post today had various levels to move through. There was the earthly one with the funny poem about your mother and technology-www-wait, wait, wait. There was the spiritual one with the scripture and commentary. Thank you.

  8. So many thoughts and ideas interwoven in your words!! Brilliant! I can relate to the computer waiting, and I love that sweet, patient, well-behaved dog. But my main takeaway today is that I learned something new I never thought of, which I will now cherish, and which will make me more of the person God intends me to be. "When I "wait" upon the Lord, I am not just waiting around until he does something for me, but I am serving him." Thank you for this beautiful insight. So true!

  9. Patience is a virtue, one quote I heard in my childhood from several family members. It connects to your French quote, I think. We sang La Marseillaise often enough that I can still sing it, so I understand about the quote. I like the connections you made throughout, Donna. The piece about your mother is so sweet, Donna.

  10. Wonderful insights! I appreciate very much the slant you've taken on "wait" as in serving. Thank you! It's an empowering viewpoint. Thank you, too, for sharing the loving memories of your mother. God bless her; may she rest in peace!

  11. I could swear you were writing that poem for MY mom. You made me think of her from the first line. But then when I got to "Wait, is Spider Solitaire still on here?" I KNEW you were talking about her. Great slice--and adorable puppy.

  12. Wait, wait, wait. Tech is so tough of older people who are rusty learners. Sweet memory!
    Bonnie K.

  13. What a good reminder that "wait" is also "wait on..." as in serve. I remember times when I was caught up in waiting around for something to happen--the right person to come along, the phone to ring, a letter in the mail (when we still got letters in the mail), sort of doing nothing but waiting. How the time dragged! The focus on serving while we wait is something I'll take with me from this round. Thank you, Donna!

  14. Thank you for the important reminder that while we wait we should also "wait" on the Lord as in serve Him. ;)


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