Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday Caturday

It's Day 26 of the Slice of Life Challenge for March.  This is my sixth year participating, and though this post is later than I usually post, I HAVE to get it in!  I've always made the 31 days straight for the past five years.  I just can't slip up now!

Today is Saturday, so Noah just wanted you to know what he was up to this week.  He was really into my computer this week...kind of literally and figuratively.

I know, I've posted this one before, but Noah likes this one especially and wanted to make sure you saw it.

I've had this screen twice this week alone...due to Noah's lounging on the keyboard.

No!!!  Noah, what are you doing?

I'm getting warm.

Get off my keyboard!

Do you think you could not yell at me?

What are you doing?? Get off my computer!

Your computer? 

Yes!  Oh, now look what you've done!

I've done nothing.

Yes, you have.  It's shutting down. Get off.


Please.  Get off. Here let me help you.

I can do it myself.  You don't have to pick me up.

Aha!  See the screen?


It says that you are a "Problem". 

I don't think so.  I am definitely not a problem.
It is telling me that I shut down my computer because of a Problem!

Well, I am not a problem.  I'll tell you what's a Problem.  I think your computer is the problem.  It gets too warm lately.  I can barely lie on it anymore.

Perhaps, because you are covering it up with hair, and it can't breathe.

Computers don't breathe; they are not alive. 

Maybe so, but they do need air. And you are blocking its airways with your hair, so you and your hair are problems!
My hair has never been a problem before.

Tell that to my clothes and the chair in the living room.

I would, but like the computer - they are not alive.  You seem really confused today.  Have they checked you for Oldtimers Disease lately?  They really should.  According to my cursory CAT scan, I think you should go in for some testing.  You could have a Problem.


  1. What a fun way to record your frustration with Noah. I have a cat, too, who enjoys sitting on my laptop if I'm trying to work. He also enjoys sitting between me and any book I attempt to read. So frustrating! I'm glad you are keeping your 6 year record intact!

  2. So funny! My cat love to rub his head on the side of the laptop screen, and occasionally hits the keyboard and makes it shut down. His best trick is walking on top of the printer, stepping on buttons and "printing" blank pages.

  3. This made me laugh. Noah sure has a CATitude, doesn't he. You just know that he truly believes that YOU are the one with the problem. Thanks for the laugh.


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