Saturday, March 19, 2016

Robin Alert

Yesterday afternoon the dog started barking as she looked out the window.  It was a warning bark, but her tail was wagging and she was smiling.  She was serious about something being out there, but not unhappy about it.  She seemed pretty excited, so I went to the window.  And there standing proudly on the lawn - though I think it was just listening to potential snacks - was our first robin of the year.

Robin hung around the lawn all day, going from front to side to back yards.  I watched as the wind picked up a few oak leaves and tumbled them across the lawn straight at Robin, who merely stepped forward a few steps to avoid them.  I wondered how Robin knew that the leaves were non-threatening.  But I guess, being a bird and spending lots of time around trees and leaves, they must know everything there is to know about that stuff.

At one point a couple of friendly juncos joined Robin and they all scouted for bugs in the winter-flat grass covering our rain soaked lawns.

It's started.  I've heard that Monday may be a snow day.  But the sun is much too powerful now and the snow won't be here long.

Mr. Robin,

The snow is melting
Rain is pelting

The worms are looking slick
I hope to see you back real soon
I hope you make it quick

The junco says there's lots to eat
Those snacks that rumble 'neath your feet

So come on back
Time to unpack

We wait for your return
With lots of spots to build a nest
No cause for great concern

The sun has promised to be strong,
Come back to sing your ebullient song!

I just can't wait
Please don't be late
The worms are fat and slick.
The snow keeps melting
Spring rain keeps pelting
I hope you come back quick!

©Donna JT Smith, 2016, all rights reserved


  1. I love your poem! What a wonderful beginning look at spring.

    1. No green yet, and snow tomorrow night... but it won't last!

  2. Oh, I hope it has started (but possibility of snow coming tomorrow night has me huddled back into my winter mind).
    PS -- thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post this morning. I appreciate it.

  3. Donna, I love the interaction between the robin and the junco and the rumbling of snacks underground. I've been admiring some robins parading about my lawn lately. Another sign of spring--and while I'm compiling those signs hopefully, I find myself wishing for one last doozy of a snowstorm tomorrow/Monday. As you say, it won't stay around long. We'll see...

    1. The Weather Channel says 1 -3 inches... that's not anything. They won't even plow anywhere for that.

  4. I can't wait to see my first robin. Thanks for sharing your sighting. I'm right with you...
    Bonnie K

  5. "Time to unpack"! I'll bet you could turn this into a song.
    I am a little worried about all our blossoming trees if it really does snow. But you're right -- it will be brief!

    1. Ha! I tried singing it! I can! Ha! Fun to think of it that way!
      No blossoming trees - a few stray daffodils are poking up green. We're still safe!

  6. Surely Robin will not be able to ignore your wonderful invitation! We have had a few around here; and my dog thinks they are showing up just to be chased.

  7. Loved your poem! I just saw our first robin - seems too early. And a nest is being built on our porch once again - not sure what tho.


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