Umpteenth Gull

Poetry Friday is hosted by the amazing Michelle Barnes at Today's Little Ditty today.  It's a good day for poetry!  Now go read some!  Oh, and write some.  Michelle always has a  writing challenge for you!
Don't pay any attention to me.  Really, I'm just relaxing here.
Ah, and a good day for gulls, though this pictures was not taken recently - it's obviously a summer shot and we aren't there yet!  But with the sun's increasing power over the snow, the gulls will be foregoing some of their home-cooked meals and dining out more very soon!

There's such variety when you have a grab bag, a "grab and go", a fly-by, drive-thru meal that someone else has prepared for you... some fisherman or beachcomber.  Sometimes, if little kids stand still long enough, you can snatch something out of their hands.  That's always good for a scream, a squawk, a laugh.

This is the poem I wrote for the Madness! Poetry Tournament this week in 36 hours using the word "umpteenth".  I also added my opponent's word, "hodgepodge" for good-fun measure.   I did not win my bout, but I had fun and had a goodly number of votes, so I'm pleased!  On Sunday I think I may post the poem I almost submitted.  Or I may just keep it in my files for later use and editing.  Not sure yet.  But now, here is the poetic result from Monday.  There will be more poems posted all month long so check Ed Decaria's poetry madness and vote on more amazing poetry.  If the next round is anything like the first you are going to be blown away!

It is in itself a Slice of Life - one, because this is a regular occurrence here living with gulls, and two, because writing was practically how I spent my whole day Monday.

Dining Advice for a Young Gull…

Look for a human
who ignores
the umpteenth seagull
he’s seen that day
doesn’t shoo away
doesn't pay attention
to his snack
Swoop quickly
Walk swiftly
Use your stabbing bill
Snatch the sack at will
there’s bound to be
a rich hodgepodge
a bounty there
your fair share
Fly away
out of reach
Shake it till
all scatters
on the beach
salty and sweet
tangy gherkin urchins
sweet cookie clams
dried ocean chips
Skip juice
for lips
Quench your thirst
with ocean sips
Squawk raucously
to man and sun
when done!

by Donna JT Smith
March 7, 2017 for Madness!Poetry

Soon there will be new poems to vote on.  I apologize to those who subscribe to my FB or Twitter and got inundated with notifications.  My son told me he did.  I am not so great at this and wasn't aware of what the Internet/FB/Twitter was doing for me as I clicked on the linking.  I'm sure I was a pain to some of you!  Really, I'm sorry, and I won't do that again!


  1. Now I see why the reference to gulls when you commented! I loved your poem, thought you should win, Donna. March Madness is just that "madness"! The poems were fun to read this time, maybe because I didn't have the stress of being in it! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I liked it, too... but I'm kinda biased!! Now I can sit back and enjoy the rest of them along with you!

  2. I, too, was sorry to see you didn't move on, Donna. I love your poem's fresh approach... and good advice, too!

    1. Thanks, Michelle". It is a bird near and dear to my heart!

  3. Your poem is wonderful, Donna! I love your clever rhymes and tongue-in-cheek advice. Sorry you didn't advance to the next round.

    1. At least now I can concentrate on just reading the poems and slices this month!

  4. Oh, this is such a good poem! I love the sweet gerkin urchins. LOL. Well, if it didn't move on in this challenge....see where else it might find a home. And, I'm glad to know you have a poem in the files for later. I always like to have something saved "for company". Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I may turn it into a poster for our new home, "Gull Haven". Moving next month.

  5. This reminds me of our visit to Maine and how surprised we were by the large size of the gulls. They don't grow them that big in Florida. Great poem! So clever!

    1. They can be pretty "Alfred Hitchcock" intimidating sometimes when they gather on the beach!

  6. Someday I really want to visit Maine. There are gulls everywhere (even in Montana, where I grew up) but your gulls sound like the best gulls. :)

    1. I was surprised to find gulls so far inland, but you are right, they really live lots of places. There are many kinds of gulls. We mostly have the large Herring Gulls, with some smaller Laughing Gulls.
      Let me know if you ever get here! We're right on the coast.... about as close as you can get without falling in!

  7. Great gherkin urchins! Love the language in that poem, Donna.


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