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Driving to church this morning our plans for the day changed.  It is always amazing to me that we can be on autopilot, doing what is planned, not thinking - Standard Time - and have them change suddenly.  Surprise!  This will not be going as planned.  But it is okay.

We got a text and needed to go back to the emergency room (as we had on Thursday night - see Phantom Faucet).  I had another chance at the faucet... didn't work on the first wave, so I waved goodbye and used my hand sanitizer.

It was only a three hour visit, for which I feel grateful.  In many parts of our country an ER visit takes much longer, and even here sometimes.  But mostly, it is a fairly quick "doctor event" when you consider that it is not an appointment and everything is a surprise to everyone there!  I guess their plan is to not have a plan... When I was a teacher, some days felt like that!  I had a plan, but something would upset the cart, and I'd change everything up for that better, spur of the moment lesson.  Maybe more classrooms could take a lesson from the ER, where you took care of the "illnesses/injuries/concerns of the day".  How awesome would that be?

Except that it would be slightly weird, I think it would be interesting to sit in the ER all day someday, and just see what kinds of surprises people have in their lives.  They aren't usually good surprises though, so maybe I wouldn't want to know.  But those ER people do it all day, many days.

I am very grateful to the people who work in the ER.  They are caring and compassionate, and they listen.  I was going to say "for the most part", but in my experience I have not run into anyone who was disconnected, disinterested, or deaf to the concerns of their patients.  They may talk too loudly, but I'm sure it is like kindergarten teachers (whom I can identify/hear a mile away) - they get accustomed to working with those who do not hear them unless they up the volume!

So for today, the Meds have been purchased.  The Patient is home.  We are back home now, too.  The sun is glorious.  The temperature is trying its best to maintain double digits.  Dog is happy to see us early.  Cat is sunning himself.  The world has righted itself for the time being.

Oh, yeah, and a food run to the grocery store has been completed for the blizzard Tuesday and Wednesday.  The world keeps tipping.

Time Change

today the Sunday sun rose late
told to stay away
we'll get up before
it has rubbed the sleep
from its ray-eyes
   relax sun
   you sleep in
   while we get up
   brew coffee in the dark
   later leave your mark
   you have all day
   can stay up late
the dog will find her way
on the frozen lawn
in the gray
time change
Sunday dawn
and children will
start to ask
why do I have to go
to bed
when the sun

by Donna JT Smith


  1. Appreciate how you took the unexpected and unfortunate and still found joy and positive work. Curious how the blizzard will fare for us here too!

    1. Up to 18 inches predicted. It will melt fast though in this almost spring sun!

  2. I so remember resenting having to go to bed when it was still light outside. I felt like it was because the grown-ups were tired of us kids and they did this so they could enjoy themselves! We had a light snow here in NC this morning -- hope the blizzard is not so much ...

    1. Up to 18 inches predicted for our spot. Where we are it is usually heavy and wet, so power outages are common. Glad to have a wood stove and generator. We aren't high on the list for restoring power since we are on an island.

  3. I had to do a re-run to read your Phantom Faucet post. The grand-girls delight in running their hands under ALL of them to see which one is the fastest. And sorry for this re-run, too. Hope all is okay. Argh, I feel like today is a race. For me it's already 3 o'clock, and I have lots on my list! Love your poem's ending, very true! Hope that blizzard isn't too bad!

    1. Never though of having a faucet race! Excellent fun!!
      Storm appears to be shaping up to be all it's threatened to be! I think we're ready.

  4. Love the poem at the end! The whole story was nicely written with great detail. It is interesting how the world can seem different when the routine is broken.

    (from hannanabanana,

    1. Today is another broken routine day! They are
      Kind of fun really!

  5. That stolen hour has put me over your midnight comment schedule. I wrote about the time change today too, but just didn't get in all done...I did manage a prolonged nap today--which may have been the problem.
    I love your idea of running the classroom like an emergency room. In reflection, I feel like that may be a perfect analogy. I rarely get through my plans because something always changes them and I have to adjust on the fly.

    1. Ha! It does seem to be a problem with the subtraction of an hour. The additional hour change is way easier!

  6. It's always a treat for you to share your thinking that lines up with your activities - and you do that so well. A couple of "me" thoughts - sometimes those unplanned days in the classroom, when plans went awry, turned out to be the most memorable. And I love the way you see the sun "sleeping late" in your poem.

    1. I've found that those unplanned days were often pleasant and memorable, too! If o ever had a choice between getting some rest or planning more, the extra sleep always made for better results!


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