Today I tried to write a post about the squawking crows, and ended up writing another poem.   I'm not putting the crow poem here; it is being filed with the geese poem and a couple others waiting to see if my motivated self actually does something with them, or the procrastinator wins with another cup of coffee.

Instead then, I started writing a post squawking all about me and blah, blah, blah!  You know how you think you want to say something, and then you realize it is just to hear your self talk?  That was that.  Eeesh!  I hate that.  No one wants to hear that.  So I shut myself up and deleted it.  You wouldn't have enjoyed reading it.  I didn't enjoy reading it.  Sometimes you just have to shut up.

I had three long paragraphs.  And I've just deleted them.  Now I have three short paragraphs.  And I'm much happier with them.

My photo of a nice winter beach day

If you don't have nuthin' good to write, 
don't write nuthin' at all.

But if there's a glimmer
the least little shimmer
Than let it all on the page fall.
I don't want to write
About any plight
Like ships torn asunder at sea
So you needn't wonder
If that sort of blunder
Is really the story of me.

by Donna JT Smith


  1. I love crow poems, hope you send it out quickly so you can share sometime.I suspect your poem is the plight of many about this time in March! Have a great day, Donna!

    1. Almost APRIL!! About mid April is when we see daffodils sproing - but they can still get snow dumped on them. I hate when that happens and they all get their green ends frostbitten!

  2. I can so relate to this. Write, purge, cry, whine, complain...feel the cleanse and then delete. I liked your three short paragraphs and now know there is a crow poem coming later. Have a great Wednesday!!

    1. I hadn't gotten much sleep and was way overtired and undercaffeinated. This writer got to wandering a lot... and I don't even remember what I was rambling about now. If I'm going to ramble it needs to be concise. And if I'm going to feel sorry for myself it had better be with gratitude. Otherwise it is time to delete.
      Wednesday is still gray-skied, but the snow is melting a little more every day.

  3. So funny - I was just this morning complaining to my daughter about all the mindless chatter we are constantly surrounded by unless we choose to turn it off or shut it out. I can relate! But I was convicted by your words on writing about self. I try so hard not to do that BUT sometimes it just pops out and seeps in and you are right - no one would enjoy reading it. You know, I never read those kinds of words coming from you. Your posts are filled with joy in the little things and boundless energy for action. That's why I love them!


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