This is a slice of moon...I mean... this is a slice of life post.  It is what I posted this morning over at Laura Purdie Salas' 15 Words or Less.

The moon followed us in the car a few nights ago, and I remembered when I was a child and thought it was following us as we drove at night. I’d just stare at it and try to figure out how this was happening. I was enthralled with the night sky, and still am.

The Stray Moon

Look what followed me home!
May it sleep on my bed
in darkest nights?

The moon before the storm on Monday night, was bright and almost full as it followed us. On the way home through the night and into Tuesday morning, the sky became lightly cloudy and lit up the sky in a general way - like putting a lampshade over the bulb.  You couldn't see the source of the light, but the sky, though dark, wasn't as dark as the silhouettes of the trees and buildings.  We could still just make out the trees all night, right into morning.  That moon was so persistent through its veil of clouds.

Have you ever stayed up all night?
If you have never stayed up to see the sky go through its phases, you should someday.
(I hope it is not for a bad reason that you happen to be awake all night though!)
It is just an amazing feeling to be awake for the start of a new day, having gone through a sun setting, a dark sky, and back to the gray, to slowly colorful, dawning of the next day.
To me it is very exciting to be driving through the night, and notice the sky beginning to lighten and realize that the earth is turning, returning to face the sun...while someone else is getting ready to face the other way.

Well, enough.  I'm fascinated anyway.  I wouldn't want to do it ALL the time, but those rare occasions still hold a fascination for me.

Maybe I need to get Laura's book, If You Were the Moon?


  1. Love your poem and reflection about the moon and the night sky. I'm love sleep, so I'm not sure that I could ever stay awake all night to watch the sky. But you almost persuade me!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your slice; I love the moon! I love flying at night when there is a full moon. It is like magic in the sky reflecting on the lakes and rivers we fly over.

  3. Enjoyable slice. Moon watching. Never done it through night.

  4. I am able to keep my shutters open all night and, where I may not stay UP with the moon, this last week when it gets to a certain place in the sky, it taps me on the face and I wake up and watch it for awhile. It is so calming and gorgeous...and then I go back to sleep with a smile.

  5. It's awesome to think about people over thousands of years all looking up to the same night sky. The moon and stars were there then and will be long into future. It links us to generations past and present. Thanks for the slice.

  6. I used to be fascinated with the moon following as we road along the darkened street. The moon is the subject of captivation.

  7. We have had several nights recently with a clear sky and bright moon. So gorgeous!

  8. Your descriptions of the different kinds of moonlight are beautiful. And the thought of staying up all night and watching the changes in the night sky is enticing. This slice reminds me of an OLD song my mother used to sing - Racing with the Moon by Vaughn Monroe.


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