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I woke early at about 4:30 am, checked email, and then closed my eyes again. I thought about getting up and making coffee.  I didn't.  I stayed in bed a while longer just relaxing and enjoying the fact that I didn't have to get up yet. I fell into a light sleep, and finally got up about two hours later.  I still did not make coffee, but I did start commenting on classroom blogs.

For the past week almost I have been trying to get to each student blogger and leave a poem, one classroom at a time.  It started as a whimsy of an idea to comment on a few students in Mrs. Surridge's class, but then realized I can't stop at just some of them...that's not fair.

Oh, dear.... my brain was starting up in its storm mode.... why not challenge yourself to see if you can write a few lines of poetry that would somehow relate to their writing that day and do it for each of her students?

So I did.  I was so excited about the challenge of it, and that Mrs. Surridge said the students were excited, too, that I'm trying it on Ms. Frazier's class now, and I've also visited and left responses for Margaret Simon's group!

The comments were worked on this morning, but then I got called away to some other important matters.  I am in the car and just now returning to blog at 7 pm on a 6 hour drive one way.  We will then do a quick turnaround and head back home.  We are racing the snowstorm, hoping to get there and back home before any snow flies!  It's an adventure!

So this is my only opportunity to blog today. If there are errors in spelling, punctuation or spacing, etc. please ignore them for now.  It's not that easy riding on heaved roads and typing on an iPad!

I may be late tomorrow.  I'm sleeping in if we get home early enough! Then I'm waiting for the blizzard to start at 9 am. We should make it home before it starts.  If not, I'll take pictures of the storm in the headlights or from out motel room!

Here's a sample - my response to a student who wrote that they liked fluffy marshmallows:

I like my marshmallows
When they've turned
From white to black
Crisp and burned
Over a campfire
Use a stick
Eat a hundred
Then get sick!

By Donna JT Smith

*Note - we got back home just after 4:30 am Tuesday.  We did in fact beat the storm.  I'm showing weather map image on Tuesday's slice.  I may try to write it now BEFORE I go to bed this morning.


  1. You are a gift! I'm certain every class will love the time you give to make such amazing poem/comments as my class does. What a goal! I am watching the East Coast weather from here on the West Coast. Bunker down!

    1. I am getting at least as much pleasure and probably more than the kids!!
      We are hustling home as fast as we can! I think we are staying well ahead of the storm.

  2. You're giving joy to a whole lot of kids, Donna. What a lovely thing to do. Hope all is okay, that you made it home and will be warm and cozy through this snow! The weather people certainly are making a huge deal of it!

    1. We made it to NY a bit ago and are just now heading home. We won't get home until after 3:30 am. No snow yet but lots of pre treating of roads and signs warning people not to travel tomorrow. It's eerily quiet out here traveling tonight.

    2. Correction - after 4:30 am. Just missed the snow!

  3. How thoughtful - what a gigantic undertaking! I know each and every one will greatly appreciate your words!


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