Sweet Memories

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This poem came out of a conversation on GoogleChat that I had with my daughter on Wednesday morning.  Her son woke up in the middle of the night and needed some comfort and a humidifier for his stuffiness.  I copied our conversation into a document and then began to play with it, because although you may think I always talk in rhyme, it doesn't happen all the time. ~  Oh, no.

Anyway, I wrote this poem for her, for me and for all moms (oh, how tempting to say "that be" at the end, but I won't, because I do not talk in rhymes, my friend...sorry, it just came out).

Sweet Memories

Snotty and screamy and clingy last night,
Waking at moon-time no trace of sunlight,
She rocked you and gave you her mommy hug squeeze,
And then she was blessed with your best good-night sneeze.
The morning brought smiles all snotty and shiny;
Forgotten the nighttime all screamy and whiny.
With one snotty kiss and a nose rubbing hug,
All thoughts of last night were swept under the rug.
Mom's kisses can heal the worst of a pain,
But a kid’s well-timed hug can mess with your brain!
For moms soon forget those nights of despair
And sweet memories instead are placed there.

©Donna JT Smith, 3/28/13

I don't remember nearly as many difficult days as I do marvelous days with my children. 


  1. I just love this poem and your sentiments are so true. Ih ave trouble remembering the illnesses and bruises but remember the memories we created over walks, talks, and teas.

  2. You've captured the essence of parenting perfectly. The moments of frustration-at not being able to make our kids feel better, our own lost sleep, etc, are definitely overshadowed by the moments of joy-hugs and sweet smiles.

  3. A wonderful rhythm and sweet image, even if snotty.

  4. Oh those sleepless nights when you can't really do much to relieve the stuffy nose! I do not miss them, but then I don't remember them in detail either. Perfect poem to recall that snotty, screamy, whiny times.

  5. You found a very sweet poem inside your google chat!

  6. For moms soon forget those nights of despair
    And sweet memories instead are placed there.

    True...and it doesn't take as long as you first think it will! Great poem, Donna.

  7. Ahh, memories. Not only memories, though - because although my two girls are now 18 & 21, my Little Dude just turned 3 a couple months back, and my wife's expecting in August! This poem is so perfectly relatable to any parent.

    1. That's true, Matt...Sorry for leaving out Dads! I'll try to get to Dads for Mother's Day! I have to do the A to Z Challenge for April! But you Dads should be honored, too, so stay tuned!!!

  8. Well done, I remember one night like this. My husband was out of town, the dog was having puppies and wanting to go outside to hide them under a bush, and my poor son was sick. I found a moment to rock him in a cuddle and started to sing a lullaby.
    "Don't sing, Mommy." was what I got for all my efforts. Everything was so right and so wrong all at the same time.

  9. Oh, so true! I love the "smiles all snotty and shiny." Perfect!

  10. Donna, looks like you've found a new source for a "found" poem! Very well written. You are so right - the very best of memories remain. Grandchildren tend to bring back hazy memories of the challenging times!

  11. This poem captures those snotty nights perfectly! Every parent can relate...thanks for capturing this memory. =)

  12. Terrific, Donna, & I like it when you talk in rhyme! I know there were plenty of those nights, but I remember none in detail, except the coughing of my son. He had lots of allergy 'things' & coughed plenty. It was scary & I really couldn't do anything but sit with him by the vaporizer. "smiles all snotty and shiny" says it well.


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