At Long Last

The poems got posted late last night, just after midnight while I was asleep!  I went to all the entries and placed my votes! Wow!  There are some really great poems out there - especially considering the words given to work with, the timeframe for creating, and the challenge of just coming up with something on short notice with life and all being what it is.

But the first ones have been written and posted, and the voting has begun!  I'm exhausted!  I don't think writing is exactly at the same level as riding a bike or running, but still exhausting.

If you get a chance...and you should really try to...go to Think Kid Think and read the selections!  You won't be disappointed.  Read some of the writer banter in the comments.  Add some banter of your own.  Consider having your class vote at school with one vote.  Encourage them to vote at home. One vote per person please!

I'm up in way northern Maine today...enjoying the last bits of winter...though my poem was of spring!

Start here, click on arrows at the top of the page to get to more poems....


  1. It looks good for you Donna! Hurrah!

  2. How nerve wracking! You had an incredibly difficult word! Enjoy your end of winter.

  3. I wish you well. It always nerve wracking to wait. The word choice is ver challenging.


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