An Awesome Yesterday

Yesterday was an awesome day.  Way awesome.  Some awful good kinda day.  Wicked good.

I got to spend some quality time with my mother-in-law - a five hour drive away through sparsely populated areas with plentiful populations of trees, moose, coyotes and deer.
I got to spend some quiet time in my car with the dog. - even though she threw up and she never does that
I got to see Mount Katahdin all snowy and majestic against a gorgeous light blue sky on the drive home - even though I couldn't get a good picture while I was driving.
I got a good picture of Mount Katahdin after all - now that I have straightened it and cropped it all to pieces
I got to see a bald eagle soaring overhead as I drove through the logging areas. - a sign by the side of the road said "Watch for 'Eagles' in the road."
I got to watch my poem "The Seasoning of Spring" make it through the first round of the March Madness 2013 Poetry Tournament. - that was an amazing first round!
I got my new word for Round 2. - it's challenging, well, challenging's not the word, it's what it is!
I wrote a poem using the word last night, while I was in the car. - I think I like it enough, but I'll probably write at least one more, as I did last time, and see which one I like best before I submit.  But at least I have a poem.  If anything happens to keep me from writing another, I have something to submit, and it is working pretty well for me.

So it was some kinda awesome day yesterday.  Bring it on, today!


  1. I love your lead: "Yesterday was an awesome day. Way awesome. Some awful good kinda day. Wicked good." How catchy! You definitely made me want to read more! I hope today is just as awesome! :)

  2. I love your juxtapostion of thoughts. Wicked awesome it was - even if there are lots of "buts"...there are always "buts"...but you choose to see the awesome!

  3. I love this list. It sounds like a beautiful drive and a wonderful day. Love the focus on the positive.

  4. Donna, I love the way your describe your drive home! And, congratulations of the first round of the poetry competition!

  5. Congrats on round 1, I thought your poem was awesome and a hard word to use, so I can't imagine what your word is that you are calling challenging. You did have a wickedly good day, minus the dog's issue. Beautiful mountain and an eagle too, could you ask for more?

  6. You deserve the awesomeness, Donna! What a great first round...and now onto two! Good luck!

  7. Sounds wonderful! Your picture is gorgeous! (I love that you shared that you cropped and straightened it!) Congratulations on your success with your poem! Writing a poem around a certain word certainly sounds challenging, and I admire you and Linda for trying it!

  8. I just wrote to your comment that I am so pleased for you; you had an amazing opponent & you beat him because the poem is terrific! Can't wait to see what's next, Donna. I think all those days during our last two Aprils really helped, didn't they? Beautiful day to hear about from you this post, too. And the photo is gorgeous! Thanks for all!


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