Slice of Life #15.
The storm has stormed through. 
Window plastered with snow
It was piling up nicely...over a foot...
and then it got a bit melty and freezy and now there is a crust and it is shrunken a bit.  But there is still plenty.  Still over a foot, but now with a layer of very packy snow.  The plow came through late this morning and made banks that can't be shoveled, nor can the snowblower handle them.  So we are going with what we've got.  The sun is shining, so I'm sure it won't be long before the snow is much lower, the branches will lift again, unburdened by the snow they are holding, or the snow that is holding them.

My husband has announced that we WILL be going to Starbucks today.  One day confined to the house is enough!  Out we go!

This morning, while awaiting the snowplow, I checked in on Mrs. Frazier's, Mrs. Simon's and Mrs. Surridge's classroom bloggers to see who I had not visited yet. Yesterday, through the storm, I read many posts and wrote something for the students I came across.

This morning I made a list of those I'd missed, and then wrote the last few poems as responses to the remaining writers.  I have enjoyed doing this immensely.  It has been a delight reading their posts, and then a personal challenge to take what they've written and use it as inspiration for a poem/reply.

I am ready for another classroom now.  We ARE only half-way through the challenge!

One of Margaret Simon's students had posted a word cloud as a list of ideas for writing in the SOL.  Here's my response to her post - I'm counting it as my daily poem:


My brain just made the biggest cloud

Of every thought I said out loud

It clearly knew each thought and word

The ones inside or overheard

It floated up into the sky

So I might catch them as they fly

Then write them down and let them play

Where on my paper they would stay!

by Donna JT Smith


  1. "Then write them down and let them play
" - indeed! You are amazing with your skill at fast and clever, Donna. Those kids must be so excited!

    1. It didn't start out this way, but now it almost feels selfish, or that it's addictive! I'm afraid if the kids hated these, I'd still have to write them! Hmmm....

  2. Your brain just thinks in poems. What fun for the kids! I hope you enjoyed your outing to Starbucks.

  3. You have been such a blessing to my students. Instead of watching the snow fall here, many of them are out of town on spring break but we will certainly have some discussions about your comments when we get back. Enjoy watching your trees stand up straight again. I have to admit, that part (and the retirement part) make me pretty jealous!


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