Scavenger Hunt for World Poetry Day

SOL#17, Day 21 -
It is World Poetry Day!  And one day into Spring!  So there has to be a poem today.  Today there will be two poems then, in a fashion.

First, today I am sharing a website that I used pretty frequently with my first graders, and then some with older students when I taught technology at the elementary schools.
I am sure that teachers have been here before.  But just in case you haven't, here is a treasure trove of Poetry and Writing resources and tools.  I used to use the interactive parts with my students in computer lab, as a whole group activity in the room, or in a writing center.  I also just like to play around with it myself.  There is a cool "found poem" part that has a large word bank with the option of creating your own "magnetic" word to use.  Then you can save it to work on later, save it as a .pdf or email it.

My poem today is a found poem from 6 blogs today.  As I was visiting I pulled out phrases from each of the sites and composed this poem:

Beautiful sun glistening
Scoffing at the wind
Sending warmest wishes
Tossed on an updraft
On a frosty March morning
The welcome mat's out, Spring,
Come back!

These lines were taken from my post, Mainely Write on 3/20, Reading to the Core 3/17, Life on the Deckle Edge 3/16, Crackles of Speech 3/17, Live Your Poem 3/17, Violet Nesdoly/Poems 3/17, Dori Reads 3/17

It was an experiment in found poetry - lines found on each of the above sites.

You do not have to read the rest of this post, unless you want to.  This is an experimental challenge in Found Poetry, a scavenger hunt, below.  Another way to celebrate World Poetry Day, if you have time.

I will link to it all this week at the bottom of my posts for those looking for it again when they have free time!

Then I adapted the plan, with the help of Tabatha Yeatts and Linda Baie as guinea pigs...very cute and kind's just an expression.  I don't know why we couldn't have used butterflies or bunny rabbits more in experiments.  But I digress.

So to further celebrate World Poetry Day I have a
It is the first hunt of Poetry Hunting season (April being Poetry Month...)!
I have set up a Padlet to use starting next week for anyone who wants to submit a list of clues to their poem.  That will open on Friday.

Where did this come from?  Who is responsible for challenging me to do something, anything... with this?  Well, here is the short history of the

It all started when Tabatha Yeatts was born.  It would seem that the hunt should have a long history, but it doesn't.  It also has to do with a daughter of hers, who gave her a very special gift for her birthday.  This may have been done before, but I don't know of it, so there.  I have adapted this concept, so that many can play at once.  Literature is all around us.  So we are going to use the literature that we all have right here on our blogs!

Here's what you have to do to join the hunt:

1. First get yourself something to drink and maybe a snack.  Do not do this challenge until you have had sustenance. 

2. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and you have your computer in front of you - just like you do now.  Done!

3. I've linked to the pages where the poems are found.  You don't have to go looking for them!  Yay!  This time.

4. Below you will find the clues to a poem.  Read them, memorize them and then eat the paper so no one...

5. Do not really eat the clues, as it is not on real paper and you could get hurt.

6. Read the clues, and keep this page open so you can refer to them. 

7. Get something for recording the words as you find them. Paper and pencil, or open a document to copy and paste the words as you find them.

8. Now, get ready to FIND THAT POEM!  Look at the first clue.  It will tell you the blog's name.  It is one that was listed in the Poetry Roundup listing on March 17 (or 16). Open that blog post. You just have to click on the name; it is linked.

9. Read the next part of the clue.  Look for the P - it stands for Poem,.  It will tell you which poem it is on their page.  Some people have more than one poem listed.  Find the correct poem.  The number after the P is the poem number (1 would be the first poem on the page, 2 would mean the word will be in the second poem, etc.)

10. Once you have the correct poem, look at the clue again.  L stands for Line.  Count down the correct number of lines.  Titles don't count as lines.  If the L is 0, then that will mean the words are in the title line!  Sometimes there is only a part of a poem on the page, and you may have to click another outside link to get to the rest of the poem to get to the correct line where the rest of the poem is.

11. When you are on the correct Line, check the clues again.  W stands for Word/Words.  It is the number of the word or words being used.  So if there are 7 words in the line, and it says W3-5, you would use only the third, fourth and fifth words of that line.

12.  Take a sip of coffee, water, etc. 

13.  Carefully copy those words down in order.

14.  Do not do the directions in any other order.

15.  Do not do the clues in any other order.

16.  All clues are in the correct order to complete the FOUND POEM. 

17.  Post the found poem on your page.

18.  Put the link to your page here in comments so others may see it, when you have completed the

19.  Take one of these badges to show you are a Scavenger Hunter Extraordinaire.  Display it proudly!
The Badge - either
20.  Towel off and get another coffee - or water.

NOW for the clues!!!
  1. A Journey Through the Pages - 3/17/17 -  P4  L1 W1,2
  2. Life on the Deckle Edge - 3/16/17 - P1 L2  W 1-4
  3. Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference - 3/17/17 - P2  L3  W1,2
  4. A Word Edgewise - 3/16/17 - P1 L7  W 2-5
  5. A Teaching Life - P1  L16  W 2,3 
  6. A Day in the Life 3/17/17 - P1 L 7 W 3,4 
  7. Kathryn Apel 3/17/17 - P1 L 5 W 3-9 
  8. Random Noodling - 3/16/17 - P1 L2 W 2-4 
  9. Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet - 3/16/17 - P1 L1 W 2-4 
This is a 9 line poem when you are finished.  I have double and triple checked it for errors... but I suppose I could have done something really not good.  If you keep coming up with something not making sense, leave a comment explaining.  I will need to fix it!

Stay tuned for the next
Don't forget to post
1. the poem on your site
2. leave your link in the comments so people can to there and see
3. let your blog wear the badge with pride - so far it is not on a shirt, so only your blog can wear it.

On Friday, I may try another, if this goes well...


  1. Happy World Poetry Day to you! I love that you found the poem by using lines from others. Now that's a challenge! Good luck with the scavenger poetry hunt.

  2. Somehow World Poetry Day escaped me! Your found poem celebrates the dichotomy of March and spring. Beautiful!

    1. It almost escaped me, too! I was bopping around and came across it...

  3. Looks good, Donna. Will edit my post to give a shout-out to you!

    1. Oh, thanks, Linda! Hope the numbers all work out!!

  4. I posted my answer on my blog. I don't know whether it is right!!!

  5. What a cool idea. Thanks for including me in your found poem. I like being found.

  6. What a fun challenge! I wish I had time to do this today. Alas, I have to pick the kiddo up early from school for PT, OT, and speech. Maybe tomorrow...

    1. Oh, play any day! Days get filled. I really wanted to know if this was possible...and it IS!

  7. Donna, your found poem is wonderful! I completely agree that spring should hurry back. Thank you for including a line from my bird poem. I love the idea of a scavenger hunt to create a found poem. My brain is still a little fuzzy from a sinus infection, but I'll be back to give it a try when I'm feeling better.

    1. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Sinus infections do make brains fuzzy and that affects our whole day. Rest!

  8. I love your found poem and the way it bridges winter and spring! I can' wait to go scavenging. Thank you for taking up the challenge.

  9. Hi Donna! What a fun idea! I'm at work, so I'll have to go hunting later tonight. I posted a link on the library's FB page, which may send some traffic your way!

  10. Oh my gosh what a lot of work! You have done the required, however, setting up the format for all of us. COOOOOl!

    1. Hoping to start the padlet on Friday and see how that goes. It does take a bit of time to actually make the poem. The one today isn't the absolute "best" but a quick test of the system! I'll take more time on the actual poem next time, now that I can see that this will work.

  11. Donna, I loved this exercise! Thank you for the huge effort you made to present this challenge. Here's a crumb to what I found on after I rechecked Line 2 where St. Patrick had inserted himself:

    When I finished I checked mine against Tabatha's version and we agree! Except my English teacher instincts inserted punctuation!

    1. Ha! I wondered about punctuation! I think that's great. I sometimes write a poem without punctuation, but usually I can't.
      You got it, Joyce! Glad to see your site is proudly sporting a badge!

  12. I like the idea of this. Really, I do, but I have places to be today, and a wedding coming this weekend. One day, maybe in the summer, I can come back and play. I love how you are always such a great spreader of poetry kindness and love!

    1. Oh, a wedding! That's even better than a scavenger hunt! Yes, we'll play some in the summer! That will be fun. First dibs on the swing!

  13. I can't wait to try this when I have time to focus. Adding it to my "to do" list of writing fun to come! Thanks.

    1. Hope you can give it a whirl sometime. It took more time to assemble the poem and write the directions than it takes to solve! But it was fun on the assembly line!

  14. Oh, my gooooooooooossssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is fantastic! What a piece of work this is -- and YOU are for doing it! Wowee Wow WOW! Sending you great big hugs and high-fives. I'm off to fortify myself for the hunt. This is no small or easy task. But anything worthwhile has a bit of challenge to it. Is it to early for me to say, I love you?!

    1. Ha! Never too early! And since there have been two who have solved it, I'm not as scared now. Breathing easier. I was afraid I could have messed it up royally and have gibberish at the end and everyone would be throwing rotten tomatoes!

    2. Never would I toss a tomato at you....your creativity and affection for friends is inspiring.

  15. I'm dying to try this, but need to wait a couple of days until I have time. I'm glad that you're leaving the scavenger hunt link on your blog for the next couple of days to make it easier to find!

    1. No rush! Glad you are thinking of trying it!

  16. Coming late to the party, sorry. This sounds like a lot of fun. Thank-you for finding me. I've been lost in the 'busy' - pining for the fragrance of the forest. :)

  17. I'm REALLY late to the party but was out of town and with sketchy wifi for a few days... what a grand idea! Look what Tabatha's daughter started?!! :0)

    1. Sketchy wifi is THE PITS! It just shouldn't happen to us! This looks like it will work and be a fun thing to have going on periodically. Tomorrow I'm opening it up with a padlet to have people create their own hunt clues to add to the page.


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