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SOL17 - 22

Hey, Hunters of Slices, Hunters of Poetry!  I didn't have any idea of today's post until last night, late.  Oh, and I just found my "Ode to a Tissue" posted at Michelle H. Barnes Today's Little Ditty.  Hope you can visit her.  It's tear-jerker - well, in a way...

Whilst reading last night instead of going to bed as I was supposed to be doing, I came across a cinquain Mrs. Surridge on her blog, Stuff, wrote about her pillow (I'm sorry, Mrs. Surridge, I don't know your first name!  I've looked and looked for it.  I feel like I should know you better!).

Her pillow was soft, fluffy, good for lounging, very welcoming - such a nice "friend" when you are in need of relaxation.  It was a lovely read.

But then she just had to ask, "Does that give away what I'm thinking?"
"Yes, I believe I know what’s on your mind" - sleep! (as I should have been doing right then); but then, came the "aha" moment and I added "….or what your mind’s on,"  as in your mind/brain is lying on the pillow!

And then it started, my mind was evidently not ready for the pillow yet.  With her poem, her picture of her pillow and my comment, a different view of that friendly pillow evolved:
A pillowcase I made; my grand daughter uses it when she visits!
Pillow Fight

My pillow’s on my mind
And I just want some sleep,
My mind’s on my pillow
While I’m still counting sheep;
They’re soft and they’re fluffy
But I can't keep from blinking;
My mind’s on my pillow,
I need to stop my thinking.
I have to get some rest
And end this endless night;
You, my dearest pillow,
Have provoked this mindless fight.
And now you must desist
And let me get my rest;
I’ve tossed and I’ve turned
While you have done your best
To keep me from my sleeping
You’re lumpy, scratchy, hard -
I'm thinking I’ll just go throw you
Right out into the yard!
What’s that I hear you saying?
You’ll try to be more billowy?
You want just one more chance
To behave a bit more pillowy?
Okay, I'll give you one more try
You must let me catch some z's,
To close my eyes and count my sheep
And end this pillow fight, please!

by Donna JT Smith

There.  Done.  Sleep.
Don't you love it when one post leads to another?  The beauty of SOL...

If you are wanting to do the
click on the logo.  
It will take you through time, back to yesterday, where all the directions were, and all the clues were.  I will have the same hunt posted for as long as anyone wants to do it.  There's no time limit on it, though on Friday I will have links to all the places the poems have been posted, AND I will have a new one up.  You are free to do this one still.  It's good practice!

Friday's will be longer, AND I will have a padlet to use, so that you can post your own clues there.  More on that Friday.  But be thinking about creating your own poem from this Friday's

We have a few people who hunted down the words to yesterday's poem.
Here are links to their poems on their blogs:
TabathaYeatts:The Opposite of Indifference     Musings     Person 3?

And don't forget, you get to wear a badge when you finish hunting down the words!

 Happy hunting, happy slicing, happy happy!

And just for fun... notice that at the top of my blog there is a link to the Padlet already.  AND I have included right here, a QR code to get to the padlet on your mobile device.  Just a fun think thing to try.


  1. I love the title. What a fun post! I have had trouble sleeping as well. Must be my pillow!!!!

  2. It's wonderful to see so much poetry on today's slices: yours, Leigh Ann Eck, Ramona Behnke, mine. I like your pillow poem. I often tug at my pillow and hope to sleep through the night but you captured the feelings perfectly. (BTW: Are you sending me a poem for my winter gallery-still working on it?)

    1. I have gotten so enamored with Scavenging and Padlet and SOL... let me see right this minute if I have something to squeeze out! I've meant to, but, you know...as one of my 6 year old students once so aptly put it, "I only have a little brain." LOL!

  3. I'm still working on that quest, Donna! Love this poem today - such fun to read!

  4. So fun! I'm honored that my little poem was able to inspire such a masterpiece. I can't believe you stayed up so late to create it...since, even on my side of the world, it was bedtime. It seems like you can create no matter how tired you are. (It's Shelly.)

    1. Yay! It's Shelly! Hi, friend!
      When I am in the zone for writing, time has no meaning. I do like night and early morning best for writing. It is quiet, with no interruptions. I don't HAVE to go to bed and I usually don't HAVE to get up at any particular time. It's a perk of retirement life!

  5. I love your poem and that you shared your process with us. It is great to hear how post find their way onto our computer screens. I sometimes have the pillow fight if I wake up in the middle of the night, Then my brain turns on and the pillow fight begins. I love that image -- I hope I don't have one tonight!

  6. I love the 'billowy' & 'pillowy'. This is really clever, Donna. You should send it off somewhere! And I loved your "tissue" ode, sniff sniff!


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