Marching Home

Yesterday we made an unexpected trip to NY and back, and tried to beat the storm home!
We did it!  Here's our weather map and our dot... we arrived here at 4:35 am a mere 24 hours after I first woke up yesterday morning!

We weren't sure if we were going until 3 pm yesterday.  If we did, we would have to hurry!  The storm was slated to start in NY at 6 am today, and at 9 am for us in Maine.  We made only one stop each way.  Ok, maybe it was two each way.  Short stops.

The trip was quiet.  Not too much traffic on the road even though nothing had started.  Lots of salt trucks out preparing the roads for the storm.  There were signs flashing of the coming storm.  New York warned of the snow storm and said to "Avoid Travel".  Massachusetts said "Snow storm." and banned "tandem trucks and special permit vehicles" from the highways.  And Maine simply said "Winter Weather expected. Plan ahead." 

In Maine, I guess we expect to have winter weather in winter, and we expect it to BE winter weather, like snow, sleet, slush, ice, etc., and we expect people to know what to do about it.  You either keep moving in a reasonable fashion in a storm or know enough to stay home.  We don't need to say anything more.  It is winter.  There will be winter weather.  It will be snow.  What do you think you should do about it?  Do that.

My daughter in PA texted me as we were entering NY and said they had just started a few flakes falling.  Would we make it back before hitting snow somewhere?  We ate a quick burger and left to head back home.  We saw no signs of snow.  Some semi's were still on the roads trying to get where they really wanted to spend the day, and very few cars.  We kept on going, and still no signs of snow, except that the sky was a cloudy bright from the moon shining behind clouds now.

As we got closer to home, I checked the weather map.  Yipes!  I'd been breathing easy because they'd said the storm wouldn't start until 9 am by us.  But already the storm was closing in on us.  Everywhere we'd just been in the past hour was showing snow happening.

We were tired but relieved when we pulled into our snowless driveway.   I took the dog out for a run and a fetch the ball...
then I came in to blog...
I have unwound. 
It is 6:40 am. 
And I am now

(right after this poem...)

March Snow

Winter weather is about to be had
Some will be happy, some will be sad
And others will be decidedly mad
But as for me, I'm going to be glad...

For March is the month when
the snow flies
and dies
March is the month
when spring
comes alive
March marches over
the snow
in a hurry
And mice that were tunneling
For places that won't melt
in strong
springy sun
Though this will be deep snow
when all's said
and done
I think it will melt
in about
a fortnight
If we just endure
this bit of
the white
Soon we'll be thinking
of daisies and
And getting the bestest
of springtiming

by Donna JT Smith, 6:20 AM - after a long day's night

Tired, going to bed now!  Good morning, see you later!


  1. I am amazed you sat down to write a slice and a poem after all that stress. Glad you made it home safe. I hope you are sleeping now. Your poem is so cheery with daisies and dillies and sillies. Down south we are having a cold snap but no snow, never any snow.

    1. I was amazed that I didn't just collapse into bed. I was a little concerned that I might not wake up until afternoon. But here it is morning, snowing and just after 11. Decided it was best to get up and try to establish a routine again!

  2. Wow you are adventuresome! I like how you turned it into more exciting than nervous. I usually get a lot of snow on the lakeshore in west Michigan. So I get it that snow is a part of our reality. I can't complain. We've had a light season. I am just grateful the fruit trees will not be ruined after early warm days.

    1. Yes, Michigan would know what to do with snow! I am one who decides not to drive in it. Now that I'm retired I have that luxury!

  3. BRAVO Donna! Thanks for the sharing after your nerve-wracking ride.
    Enjoy today when you are up. It's crazy in the Catskills!
    Bonnie K.

    1. I got up at 11 to the snow. It was pretty light, but now is getting heavy and blustery! Glad to have made it home and had some sleep! Stay safe and warm. Glad you are with family to enjoy the storm!

  4. We are having those " springtiming sillies" already, but winter will return I'm sure, maybe even in April. Glad you made it safely home. I'm watching the weather now and it's definitely snowbound back there!

    1. It's a pretty good storm! We had a foot awhile ago. It's too dark to tell what it's doing now. We shall see in the morning. It will be a while before we see any green. March does melt snow pretty fast though.

  5. I am curious as to why you would make such a short trip to New York. And how you could drive for 24 hours! I used to be able to make those trips in my early 20s...but now I wouldn't even want to do that in the best of weather.

    1. Ah, no! We didn't drive for 24 hours! That morning we had a different emergency, and we were up early. I woke at 4:30 am. Took care of that one and had to leave for just north of Albany. That drive was just over 6 hours, a few minutes there, and then 6 hours back - returning at 4:45 am this morning! We'd hoped to leave earlier in the day yesterday, but it couldn't be done. We set out for NY just late enough to hit snow somewhere on the route back! Didn't though. Just missed it. It's been pretty rugged here today.

    2. Ah, I get it. From what I hear, "pretty rugged" is an understatement.


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