Jello and a Moose

This is part of the March Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers, where everyone is writing a little slice of their life each day this month.  Here's my slice for today:

A week ago when my grandchildren were here for a visit, I made Jello for after supper dessert.  It was a big hit.  Yes, a big hit.  They'd never had Jello before evidently.  The translucent cheery cherry red in a small tulip sundae glass that appeared before their eyes after supper was magic.  "The spoon bounces!"

And they dug in.  For a five year old, it is not too difficult to scoop up the red delicious and wobble it to his mouth successfully.  For an almost three year old it was a different story.  We tried a variety of sizes of spoons and even a fork and spork.  No matter which utensil, there always ended up being too much Jello on the spoon for a neat mouthful.  But oh, what fun.  I don't think I got even one picture of the event.  But I got it in my brain.  That will have to do.

If that weren't fun enough, then I showed them the packages in the cupboard - all the other colors and flavors Jello came in. 

If that weren't fun enough, then they asked me how I made it.
me: "How did I make it?"
him: "Yeah."
me: "I didn't make it."
him: "Well, who made it?"
me: "I don't know.  I think it must have been the moose."
him: "No, not a moose."
me: "Well, I think he came in that door while we were not paying attention."
him: "No."
me:  "I'm thinking he came in when we weren't paying attention and made our Jello.  Moose like to make Jello."
him:  "A moose didn't make Jello."
me:  "Okay.  But I'm thinking maybe he did."

He ate his Jello.

That was Saturday.
Saturday night I made Jello for Sunday.  We would be in our church quite a distance away all day and my daughter would attend a local church so the kids wouldn't have go so far and get tired.
She came home from church for lunch and supper.
She didn't think about moose and Jello.
No one did...until after supper and she brought out the Jello and said, "The moose must have come back and made more Jello."

And because the Jello was there, and I was not, he replied, " Nannie was right.  A moose really did come make the Jello."

Hmmm.  I'm looking for Pickles, my green moose, to take his picture for this post.  I can't find him.  Maybe I should check in the cupboard by the Jello mix.


Soft and cute and
Very fluffy
This moose makes life
Not so stuffy;
Leave the room
He'll make some Jello:
Orange, red
Lime green or yellow.
Don't try to watch,
Don't be snooping -
He'll just sit there
Antlers drooping.
Leave the room,
Go away!
There'll be no Jello
If you stay!
Give him room,
Give him dishes,
Give him time
To grant your wishes!
Come back when
It's time to eat
Pull your chair out,
Take a seat;
Eat your broccoli
And your meat,
Wait patiently
For moose's treat.
Orange, red
Lime green or yellow.
This moose makes the
Finest Jello!

by Donna JT Smith

And yes, the pictures show orange Jello.  My daughter took these the night they discovered that the moose must be the one making the Jello.  I wasn't home to take pictures... or make Jello.

The next part of the story tomorrow...


  1. Love this! We have the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Jello Moose (or something like that). What a great discovery for your grandkids. (I hope they will hear/read your poem soon.)

    1. This moose is named Pickles, but I'm sure even each tooth fairy has a name. I had my first graders draw pictures of their tooth fairies! Ha! You should ask a first grader if they've ever seen her. Yup! They have.
      I used to have Pickles as a class mascot in first grade. Kids love him. I'll have his picture tomorrow.

  2. Grandchildren really make the simplest things come alive! Your slice captured this beautifully.

  3. I was hoping for a picture of the moose at the end of the slice (maybe in the next part of the story). Your poem is delightful. I'm new to grand mothering, but your slice shows me there's so much to look forward to, jello making moose and other fun!

    1. Oh, yes! More pictures tomorrow! There WILL BE a moose.

  4. Oh, I can't imagine a childhood w/out Jello! I love the pics and the fun you had w/ your grandchildren. I bet Jello becomes a staple of their diets. My father liked drinking "hot jello." This post brings back so many memories for me.

    1. I've never heard of drinking hot Jello, but I must confess I DID try some when I was making it - and it is very good!

  5. Could you send that moose over here? I haven't had jello in years, but now I'm craving it. Jello is definitely in the fun-to-eat category...Ahh, the memories!!!


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