This started out as a post about the crows.  But as I sat here waiting for the coffee to brew and then having to feed the cat who would not let me type anything until he was happier, I glanced at a glass.  This glass was one we got free at our mall here in our small, happy town.  I started thinking about all the free glasses we've gotten at the mall.   The Mall is a section of the transfer station, where people leave things that have not seen all the use they are capable of for others to pick up and take home.

We visit this section each time we go there.  We've gotten ice cream sundae cups, bikes for the grandkids, books and frying pan lids and a kitchen table, which I am hoping to use in Friendship next month... I've brought them mugs, clothes and plant pots.

Mostly we get small juice glasses.  We started picking up small glasses just for ourselves for reasonable portions of any drink.  We picked them because they felt good in the hand, and looked pretty on the shelf.  They are now taking up quite a large portion of our cupboard, and we find that we like them better than our huge glasses.

As each of the grandchildren became old enough, they use these when they visit.  This last visit they were able to pick the glass they wanted to use at each meal.  For some reason I get so much pleasure in having them pick the glass they would like. So far no fights have happened and they aren't just stuck on one glass - like a dirty one, so I would need to wash it!
Group shot
I decided to take a picture of the one my husband got this weekend at the mall.  It is really very pretty.  Then I took out the rest, too!  Maybe a group shot would be nice.  So I got the family together in a reunion pose.  But as I was setting them out, I noticed that the light through each glass was magnificent, and decided to focus on that instead of their meager start and purpose.
Newest addition
When I took the picture, I had to take more.  Look at the light through the glass!  Do you think they made the glass to look pretty or make the the glass so that its shadow would be pretty?  Do you think the glass designer knew?  Have you ever looked at your glasses this way?  I hadn't.  Now I'm thinking it is the next step in picking out a glass.  Right size, right feel, right look, right shadow.

You know you have to go back and look at them again.  I did.  I haven't even put them away yet.  I want to look some more.  The fancy ones don't have quite as nice a shadow as the plainer ones do, but there's still a shine inside.
Fancy glass... still pretty.

A bit like life and people, don't you think?  Go talk to someone who doesn't look like they have much that looks out of the ordinary about them.  See what shadows they are own.  I'm always surprised.
Plain glass... shadow looks like a clam shell?


  1. Beautiful! The light and shadows make these lovely glasses even more special. How wise you are to apply this discovery to people, also. There is always so much joy in your posts.

    1. They were so pretty in the light. It just struck me how many times I have been fascinated in the physical world and my blogging world at the variety of lives being led, or history people "own". EveryTHING and everyONE is so interesting really!

  2. Nice glasses especially considering they're free. I've heard of giving free stuff at a mall, but it's a nice recycling idea. I much prefer drinking out of a glass vessel. Same with drinking out of a glass bottle. Something about glass makes things taste better. Agree with the aesthetic factor too.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Glass is always better! At church I insisted on buying glasses for the "bus kids" to drink milk out of at our Thanksgiving dinner. And they eat off our best china. Later, the adults have styrofoam and paper! But for at least one meal in the year, those little ones eat like royalty.

  3. Love how crows turn into gorgeous glass reflections. I have never seen a place at the mall to drop off and pick up, but I love the idea. I also love your question: Have you ever looked at your glasses that way? I certainly will now...

    1. Our area is on the far side of our transfer station/dump and people are welcome to "shop" there and drop off items still usable. I love it for the glasses and for toys that my grandchildren can get more use out of. I got a couple of tricycles and bikes so I didn't have to pay for one for the short time they'll need it, and then I'll just return things later when they've outgrown them, so someone else can have them! I love it there!

  4. I love that transfer station/dump idea! Never heard of such a thing, but how useful is that? It was the reflection that caught my eye in the first picture, then I read on to discover that's what you were writing about. How true about some people!


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