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This post is more related to yesterday than the Pickles and Grandson post, but my "moose" came through for me yesterday, nonetheless!
I tangled with a poem yesterday for the Madness!Poetry tournament.  I was issued the word on Sunday night just before 9 pm, and had all day yesterday to write.  Submission of the finished under 500 character poem (including spaces and line breaks) was required this morning by 8 am.

Yesterday, as I mentioned in my post, I wrote a poem.  Thought I was done.  Waited.  Looked again.  Made changes.  Waited.  Looked again.  Made changes.  Thought I was done.  No.  Repeat the process.  Done.

Went to Starbucks.  Checked the finished poem.  Googled some facts in it.  "A popular myth is..."  Made changes to accommodate the mistaken truths.
Googled another "fact" revealed as "myth". Tried to remedy the mythtake.
Waited until we could go home where it was quiet.

Then the actual, totally new, not even the same topic, poem came out - in about a half hour last night, with a couple minor tweaks this morning.  Sometimes don't you just want to ask yourself  "What was that all about?"? 


I tangled
and I wrangled
with a poem starting fine,
I liked the main idea
but it didn't feel like mine
there was something wrong
with it, it wasn't but a vine
no fruit became apparent
it wasn't "just divine"
so I scrapped that pesky poem
every letter, every line

And I started over...
in a fresh place
at a fresh time
Forgetting about rhythm
ignoring any rhyme
And then
it happened tumbling
into place - sublime
I heaved a giant sigh for
there'd be no poetic crime.

Ah, thank you, M(oo)se!  You stood by me, Pickles...
I always have to remember it's okay to toss that first one out the door...and let another one crawl (burst?) in.

Regardless of the personal outcome of this tournament, I'm encouraging you all to go to Ed Decarias' website and read lots and lots of poems this afternoon and all day tomorrow.  Voting starts today sometime...and closes for the first round early on Thursday (I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, so it is different everywhere and all poems aren't up at the same time.  So you may have to keep checking back to the Madness!Poetry site (http://madnesspoetry.com/matchups) to see what is up for vote.  The link takes you to the page that explains the rules and how to register to vote.
New rounds are starting each week on different days, so check that website for the calendar. See you at the polls!  Voting IS opening now on a few poems at a time!


  1. It's always hard for me to find inspiration and flow, especially if i'm really trying. The harder I try, the worse and more forced it becomes! Just the same as you, sometimes an idea will strike and the flames are so wild you can't help but give life to it in 30 minutes, or 15 minutes, or 2. Good luck on the tournament!

    1. Yeah! That's what I don't get, but I guess it is like painting or dance...you've got to LET yourself do it, not MAKE yourself.

  2. I loved reading about your process and final inspiration, Donna. I find that inspiration often comes out of all the work, even when there doesn't seem to be an obvious connection.

    1. Yes, many times I've started something, then it becomes random stuff, before suddenly it takes hold and writing becomes focused and fast.

  3. I love that you started completely over. Hard to do, but often exactly what is needed. Your moose is certainly a valued member of your family.

    1. He's been with me for years - mostly just quietly sitting there. There is something so freeing about finally deciding to let go! Maybe I'll try that poem again someday.

  4. I don't write as regularly as I should - especially recently - and I forget how much TIME it takes to get it right. Good for you for starting over. Not an easy thing to do. But your poem about it is ... "sublime."


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