Second Sunday in April

Here's what you get today! 

Boss of the Docks

I know it's hard not to look
We're a handsome pair of gulls
We are trustworthy through and through
So you can stop looking now
Stop watching
It's okay to leave your lunch
It will only be for a minute
While you go check on something
We are good gulls
The best of the lot
We promise to watch your lunch
Just for you
And no one will dare come near it
For we are good gulls
The best of the lot
As we said before
Check on it
We will guard your lunch

What's gone
What do you mean it's gone
We were just watching it
These are not Cheetos crumbs on
Our lips
We don't even have lips
Our beaks are always orange

Anyway there's one left in the bag
If you want it.


  1. What a HOOT! I am literally laughing out loud at this delightful poem, making my office kitty wonder what I'm up to.

    Thanks for making my day. This deserves a wide audience!


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